Engine DAF WS 268

Engine DAF WS 268

DAF WS 268 engines with WS designation are characterized by high power due to the installed turbocharging system. They are distinguished by a high specific power indicator. In addition, the motors have a low consumption of fuel, engine oil and other consumables.

Manufacturers have taken care of the reliability of WS engines, the quality and strength of all elements and the unit as a whole. These motors have proven themselves in work related to the transportation of goods. DAF WS 268 M quickly and efficiently cope with delivery at short and long distances, provide high productivity and economy.


Factory markings WS 268
Engine’s type diesel
Power output 268 kW / 365 hp
Displacement 11600 cc
Number of cylinders 6 pieces
Valves 12 pieces
Manufacturer DAF
Compression ratio 16:1
Cylinder bore 130 mm
Piston stroke 146 mm
Main bearings 7 pieces
Combustion chamber working volume 120.83 cc
Power Index 31 hp per liter (1000 cc) displacement
Fuel type diesel
Timing mechanism spur gear
Turbine turbo / charge air cooler
Configuration inline

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