Engine DAF MX 375

Engine DAF MX 375

The DAF MX 375 is a 12.9 liter, in-line, 6-cylinder, 24-valve turbocharged, intercooled engine. The MX 375 has a single-stage turbine with a controlled check valve. This engine has a high torque of up to 2500 Nm in relation to low revs up to 1410 rpm, which allows using the motor at its maximum performance capabilities.

The cylinder diameter and piston stroke are 130×162 mm. There are four valves per cylinder. Single springs are installed on the intake valves, and double springs on the exhaust valves. Wet cylinder liners with top stop. The pistons have three rings and are oil cooled.

The engine is designed to meet the emission requirements of the Euro 5 standard, and with the installation of a particulate filter, the environmental standard is increased to EEV.


Manufacturer DAF
Also called MX 375
Configuration inline turbocharged diesel
Number of cylinders 6
Firing order 1-5-3-6-2-4
Piston stroke, mm 162
Cylinder bore, mm 130
Displacement, cc 12900
Power output, hp 510
Compression ratio 16,5:1
Torque output, Nm / rpm 2000
Euro standards Euro 5
Weight (dry) 1200 kg

Engine DAF MX 375 under the hoodOn the MX 375 engine, injectors of the new generation with SMART injection system (different needle opening pressure). Atomization and injection are electronically controlled to deliver the optimum amount of fuel to the cylinders, depending on the driving mode of the DAF truck. The maximum injection pressure is 2000 bar.

The following points can be noted as interesting design solutions. Low pressure fuel lines, high pressure pump housing, water and oil supply lines are built directly into the cylinder block. The unit itself has no side covers, which increases the rigidity of this unit and reduces the noise level of the entire DAF MX 375 power unit. The oil cooler and oil thermostat are combined into one unit.

Basic design solutions in the engine

Cylinder block:

  • Compact Graphite Iron (CGI);
  • integrated housing for high pressure fuel pumps;
  • liners made of high-strength and wear-resistant material;
  • improved cooling.

Cylinder head:

  • one-piece with integrated compact graphite iron (CGI) intake manifold;
  • aluminum valve cover


  • four valves per cylinder;
  • single spring inlet valves;
  • double spring exhaust valves.

Cylinder liners:

  • wet cylinder liners with anti-polishing ring.


  • oil cooled pistons;
  • three piston rings per piston.


  • stamped steel crankshaft without counterweights.


  • sump made of composite materials for weight saving;
  • special shirring for noise reduction;
  • electronically controlled crankcase ventilation

Distribution mechanism:

  • installed from the back;
  • spur gear distribution drive

Cleaning the DAF MX 375 engine

  • When cleaning the universal joint on the steering gear, the spider seals can be scuffed up by the pressurized water jet and the grease can be washed out. As a result, the cross can become stuck and the steering gear can jam.
  • The bleed port is installed on the steering fluid reservoir. Pressurized water can enter the reservoir through this fitting and damage the steering gear.
  • Make sure that pipes and fins are not damaged when cleaning the radiator / intercooler (intercooler).
  • Do not direct a jet of water under pressure for a long time at the condenser of the air conditioning system. High temperatures may cause system pressure to rise too high and damage the system.
  • Make sure no water enters the transmission through the breathers.
  • Make sure that no water enters the clutch hydraulic through the bleed nipple on the expansion tank.
  • When cleaning the engine compartment with a high pressure unit, do not direct the water jet towards electrical components.
  • Do not aim the water jet directly at electrical connectors, vehicle lighting pads, etc.
  • Make sure water does not enter the engine intake system through air intakes or flexible seals.

Explanation of markings DAF MX 375

MX 12.9 liter engine family
375 Engine power, kW – 375

Engines in this series are characterized by exceptional durability. The company gives a guarantee of a mileage of 1.6 million km, subject to constant scheduled maintenance.

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