Engine Honda K24A

The 2.4-liter Honda K24A gasoline engine was produced by the concern from 2001 to 2016 and was installed on a number of popular models of the company, such as the Accord, Element or Odyssey minivan. This power unit was offered both in civilian versions and sports modifications.

K24A engines are in-line, four-cylinder, 16-valve engines with overhead camshafts and liquid cooling. To increase the rigidity of the cylinder block, the bottom cover of the main bearings is made in one piece and is attached to the block with 24 bolts. Thrust half rings are installed in the 4th support. For cooling, channels are made in the cylinder block through which the coolant circulates. There are horizontal channels for lubricating the crankshaft, connecting rods, pistons and supplying oil to the oil nozzles, and there is one vertical channel in the front of the block for supplying oil to the cylinder head.

The K-series also includes internal combustion engines: K20A and K23A.

The engine was installed on:

  • Acura TSX (CL) in 2003 – 2008;
  • Honda Accord 7 (CL) in 2002 – 2008; Accord 7 USA (CM) in 2002 – 2007; Accord 8 (CU) in 2008 – 2013;
  • Honda CR-V 2 (RD5) in 2001 – 2006; CR-V 3 (RE) in 2006 – 2011; CR-V 4 (RM) in 2011 – 2016;
  • Honda Element 1 (YH) in 2002 – 2011;
  • Honda Elysion 1 (RR) in 2004 – 2013;
  • Honda Odyssey 3 (RB) in 2003 – 2008; Odyssey 4 (RB3) in 2008 – 2013;
  • Honda Stepwgn 2 (RF3) in 2001 – 2005; Stepwgn 3 (RG) in 2005 – 2009.


Production years 2001-2016
Displacement, cc 2354
Fuel system injector
Power output, hp 160 – 165 (K24A1, K24A4, K24A8)
195 – 205 (sport K24A2, K24A3)
Torque output, Nm 215 – 220 (K24A1, K24A4, K24A8)
220 – 230 (sport K24A2, K24A3)
Cylinder block aluminum R4
Block head aluminum 16v
Cylinder bore, mm 87
Piston stroke, mm 99
Compression ratio 9.6 – 9.7 (K24A1, K24A4, K24A8)
10.5 (sport K24A2, K24A3)
Features DOHC
Hydraulic lifters no
Timing drive chain
Phase regulator i-VTEC
Turbocharging no
Recommended engine oil 5W-30
Engine oil capacity, liter 4.2
Fuel type petrol
Euro standards EURO 3/4
Fuel consumption, L/100 km (for Honda CR-V 2004)
— city
— highway
— combined
Engine lifespan, km ~350 000
Weight, kg 155

Disadvantages of the Honda K24A engine

  • The most well-known problem of the unit in the rapid wear of the exhaust camshaft;
  • Also, unadjusted valves can knock strongly under the hood of the car;
  • The main reason for floating engine speeds is throttle contamination;
  • The engine mounts have a low resource here and the crankshaft oil seal often leaks;
  • The engines of the first years of production had cases of local overheating of the fourth cylinder.

K24A Engine Repair Parts List

Full name of the part Part code
Piston without rings Honda K24A1 d87.0 STD (13010-PPA-000) Teikin 38174 STD
Head gasket Honda Accord/Element K24A4 12251-RAA-A01
Valve cover gasket 270.380
Valve cap inlet Honda color code “white” (12210-P45-G01) Elring 130.560
Oil scraper cap 130.860
Valve stem seals (130.860+130.560) 084.300
Stuffing box 80x98x10/7.7 (614 830) Elring 590.797
Stuffing box 81-53338-00
Basic liners Honda Accord 2.4i 16V K24A 10.2002- (13321-PNA-003/004) Taiho M469A-STD
Basic liners upper Honda K20A/K24A STD (1 half ring) (13323-RAA-A01) Original 13323-RAA-A02
Base liners, bottom Honda K20A/K24A STD (1 half ring) (13343-RAA-A01) Original 13343-RAA-A02
Connecting rod bushings Honda K20A/K24A STD (1 half ring) Original 13213-RAD-Y01
Connecting rod bushings R470H-STD
Semi-rings persistent Honda Accord 2.4i 16V K24A 10.2002- (13331-PNA-004) Taiho T469A-STD
Semi-rings persistent 13331-PNA-004
Rear disc brake pads (kit) FDB1608
Disc brake pads Honda CR-V II Ferodo FDB1679
A / C Compressor Solenoid Honda CRV 2002-> 38924-PND-006
A / C compressor pulley Honda CRV 2002-> 38900-PNB-006
Oil filter Ford/Honda h=87.0 d=66.0 Champion F126 /606
V-ribbed belt 7PK1760 AE MVB1760R7
Rear caliper repair kit 01473SP0000
Head lamp HB3 091 212 115
Stop light 12V 21/5W W3x16Q, four pin (for Japanese) (Osram 7515, Philips 12066) Monark 091 612 154
Stop light 12V W5W 2,1×9,5D (Osram 2825, Philips 12961) Monark 091 712 033
Mini fuses set 6 things (5A-15A) Monark 099 837 975
Intake camshaft sprocket 14310RBB003
Valve train chain 14401PPA004
Rear crankshaft oil seal 91214PWA003
Rear crankshaft oil seal 91214RTA004
Front crankshaft oil seal 91212-RNA-A01
Front crankshaft oil seal 91212RTA003
Pressure reducing valve 15231PE0000
Oil pressure sensor 37240PT0014
Oil pump drive chain 13441PNA004
Thermostat 19301RAF003
Fuel level sensor 17630SDCE01
Ignition coil 30520PNC004
Spark plug 9807B5617W
Air filter 17220RAAA01
Oil filter 15400PH1F03
Oil filter 15400RTA003
Oil filter 15400RTA004
Fuel filter 16010SDCE01
Oil nozzle 15280PRBA00
Fuel injector 16450RBB003
Catalytic converter 18160RBBG00
Connecting rod 13210RBBA00
Exhaust camshaft gear 14210PRBA00
Alternator pulley 31141RAAA01
Crankshaft pulley 13810PNA003
Cabin filter 80290SDCA01
Fuel tank 17500SEAE02
Coolant pipe 19510RBB000
Timing chain damper 14530PPA003
Oil pump chain damper 13460PNA004
Spark plug/SPARK PLUG SKJ20D 9807B5615W
Radiator drain plug 19011PH1621
Starter 31200RAD003
Pin Retaining Rings 13115PRBA00
Valve crackers 14781PRBA02
Valve spring plate, upper 14765RAAA00
Valve spring plate, lower 14775PT0000
Fuel filler neck 17660SEAE01
Fuel filler plug 17670SHJK02
Crankshaft sprocket 13620RAAA02
Oil pump drive sprocket 13432PNA000
Knock sensor 30530PNA003
Oxygen sensor up to catalyst 36531RBB003
Camshaft position sensor 37510RAAA01
Coolant temperature sensor 37870PNA003
Piston pin 13111PNA010
Piston rings 13021RBB004
Piston rings 13021RBB006
Piston rings 13011RBB004
Piston kit 13020-RBB-010
Piston kit 13030RBB010
Piston kit 13010RBB010
Torque converter 26000RAA406
Downpipe of the exhaust system 18210SEAE02
Oil pan drain plug 90009PH1000
Coolant drain plug (from the cylinder block) 90001PM3003
Intake manifold gasket 17115RAAA01
Exhaust manifold gasket 18115PNB003
Exhaust manifold gasket 18115PRBA01
Cylinder head gasket 12251RBB004
Valve cover gasket with rings 12030PNC000
Coolant pump gasket 19222RBC003
Thermostat gasket 19305PNA003
Thermostat gasket 19305RAAA01
Valve spring 14761RBB003
Oil cooling radiator 15500RBC004
Radiator COMP 19010RBBE51
Injector ramp 16620RAAA01
Inlet valve 14711PNA000
Exhaust valve 14721PRBA00
Valve lid 12310RAAA00
Shroud COMP 19015RBB003
Shroud COMP 38615RBB003
Crankshaft 13310RBB010
Exhaust manifold 18100RBB010
Intake valve oil scraper cap 12210PZ1003
Intake valve oil scraper cap 12210PZ1004
Exhaust valve oil scraper cap 12211PZ1003
Exhaust valve oil scraper cap 12211PZ1004
Piston rings (kit) 13011-RBB-006
Upper fuel injector seal ring 91301PLC000
Lower fuel injector seal ring 91302PNA003
Valve rocker 14620PNA040
Air filter housing bottom 17201RBA000
Thermostat housing 19320RAAA02
Thermostat housing 19320RAAA01
Fan impeller, left 19020PNA003
Fan impeller, right 38611RBB003
Air filter cover 17210RBA000
Coolant radiator cap 19045RAA003
Oil pump 15100-RAA-A02
Oil pan 11200RBB000
Flywheel 22100RBB005
Upper gasket set 06110RBB010
Lower gasket set 06114RBBE01
Fuel pump 17040SEAP00
Timing tensioner 14510PRBA01
Oil pump chain tensioner 13450PNA004
Axis of the rocker arms 14631PNA000
Rear generator bearing 31111PT0003
Short-block 10002RBBE04
Short-block 10002RBBE05
Tank for gasoline vapors 17300S7S003
Timing chain shoe 14520PPA003
Starter Bendix 31207PNA003
Cylinder block “empty” 11000RBB020
Cylinder block “empty” 11000RBB030
Torque converter bolt 957010601408
Fan shroud retaining bolt 90041P5A003
Fan shroud retaining bolt 90041P3G003
Fan shroud retaining bolt 90042PAAA01
Flywheel bolt 90011PNAB00
Connecting rod bolt 13204RBB004
Crankshaft pulley bolt 90017PCX013
Cylinder head bolts 90005PNA003
Intake camshaft 14110RBB000
Exhaust camshaft 14120RBB000
Adjusting screw 14744PCX014
Upper main bearing 13322PRBA01
Upper main bearing 13323PRBA01
Upper main bearing 13324PRBA01
Upper main bearing 13325PRBA01
Upper main bearing 13326PRBA01
Upper main bearing 13327PRBA01
Lower main bearing 13342PRBA01
Lower main bearing 13343PRBA01
Lower main bearing 13344PRBA01
Lower main bearing 13345PRBA01
Lower main bearing 13346PRBA01
Lower main bearing 13347PRBA01
Connecting rod bearing 13217RBB003
Water pump/PUMP COMP,WATER 19200RBC013
Intake manifold 17110RBB000
Input shaft bushing 22103PNA003
Balance Shaft Bushings 15115PNA003
Intake valve guides 12204PNA305
Exhaust valve guides 12205PNA305
Starter Solenoid Relay 31204RAD003
Adjusting screw nut 90206PT0004
Fan impeller retaining nut 90043PD2003
Assembled generator 31100RAAA03
Muffler right / Resonator / set, exh slncr 18030SEAJ01
Muffler / set, exh slncr com 18035SEAJ01
Cylinder head (“empty”) 12100RBB000
Cylinder head (assy) 10003RBBE02
Crankshaft 13310PPA000
Connecting rod 13210PPA000
Exhaust valve spring 14762PNA003
Exhaust valve spring 14762PNA004
The axis of the rocker arms of the intake valves 14631PNE000
Exhaust rocker shaft 14633PNA000
Exhaust camshaft sprocket 14210PNA000
Timing kit Honda K24A1 (timing chain + oil chain pump + 2 tensioners + dampers + 2 sprockets) (14401-P TCK188NG
Lower gasket set 06114-PND-010
Rear crankshaft oil seal 91214PWAY01
Oil pressure sensor 37240PT0023
Lower main bearing 13342PNA003
Connecting rod bearing 13214PPA004
Connecting rod bearing 13215PPA004
Connecting rod bearing 13216PPA004
Connecting rod bearing 13211PPA004
Connecting rod bearing 13212PPA004
Connecting rod bearing 13213PPA004
Spark plug 9807B5615P
Belt tensioner pulley assembled 31170PNA023
Coolant radiator 19010PPAA02
Ignition coil 30520PNA007
Exhaust valve 14721PNA000
Valve lid 12310PND030
Fan cover 19015PNB003
Fuel filter/SET,FUEL STRAINER 16010S9A000
Fuel injector 16450RAAA01
Alternator pulley 31141PNA004
Middle part of the muffler 18220S9A023
Starter 31200PNEG01
Thermostat/THERMOSTAT ASSY 19301PNA003
Fuel tank 17500S9A013
Oil filler cap seal 15613PC6000
Air filter/ELEMENT COMP,AIR/ 17220PNB003
Piston rings 1301-PPA-003
Piston kit 13010-PPA-010
Piston kit 13020-PPA-010
Piston kit 13030PPA010
Torque converter 26000PPF305
Intake manifold gasket 17107PNB006
Cylinder head gasket 12251PPA004
Coolant pump gasket 19222PNA003
Engine oil pan drain plug gasket 9410914000
Intake valve spring 14761PNE003
Intake valve spring 14761PNE004
Right engine mount 50821S9A023
Engine cushion (front) 50840SCA980
Front engine mount (MT) 50840S7C000
Muffler center mounting cushion 18215S5AJ01
Rear generator bearing 31111P08J02
Front generator bearing 31114P01014
Exhaust manifold 18100PNB000
Piston rings (kit) 13011PPA003
Downpipe ring (exhaust manifold-catalyst) 18229S7C003
Fuel injector sealing ring 91302PCA000
Short-block 10002PPAQ04
Short-block 10002PPAQ05
Expansion tank 19101PNB000
Cylinder block “empty” 11000-PPA-000
Connecting rod cover bolt 13204P8AA01
Flywheel bolt 90011PNAB00
Chain guide retaining bolt 90004PNA000
Intake camshaft 14110PPA010
Exhaust camshaft 14120PPA010
Water pump/PUMP COMP,WATER 19200PNA003
Intake manifold 17100PNBJ01
Starter Solenoid Relay 31204PNC003
Valve cover nut 90213PH3000
End muffler 18030S9A010
Cylinder head (“empty”) 12100-PPA-A01
Cylinder head (assy) 10003-PPA-A03
Cylinder head (assy) 10003PPAA02
Fan on sensor 37760P00003
Fan on sensor 37760P00004
Connecting rod bearing 13211PPA003
Connecting rod bearing 13212PPA003
Connecting rod bearing 13213PPA003
Connecting rod bearing 13214PPA003
Connecting rod bearing 13215PPA003
Connecting rod bearing 13216PPA003
Catalyst sensor first 36531PPA003
Throttle valve assembled 16400PPAJ03
Fuel filler neck 17667S9A000
Fuel filler plug 17670S3N003
Inlet camshaft rocker 14620RAAA00
Exhaust camshaft rocker 14624RAAA00
Air filter housing 17201PNA000
Fuel tank mounting bracket 17518S9AA00
Front cylinder block cover 11410PPA000
Air filter cover (kit) 17202PNB010
Expansion tank cap 19115RGA000
Oil pump 15100-PPA-013
Oil pan 11200PNA000
Flywheel 22100PNB003
Engine cooling fan motor / air conditioner 19030PNA003
Upper gasket set 06110PPA010
Upper gasket set 06110PPA020
Fuel pump 17040S9A000
Timing chain tensioner 14510PNA003
Neutralizer 18160PPAA00
Rear engine mount 50810S7D003
Rear engine mount 50810S9A013
Left engine mount 50805SJF981
Transmission support 50805S9A023
Piston without rings Honda K24A4 d87.0 STD (13010-RAA-A00) Teikin 38175 STD
Piston rings 32046 STD
Piston rings Honda K24A4 D=87.0 (1.2-1.2-2.0) (13011-RZA-004) TPR 32406-STD
Piston rings Honda K24A4 D=87.0+0.50 (1.2-1.2-2.0) TPR 32406 0.50
Complete set of Honda gaskets K20A4 (06110-PNL-E00 + 06110-PPA-000 + 06114-PNA-040) Eristic EF6543

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