Engine Honda L13A

Engine Honda L13A/L13B

The 1.3-liter Honda L13A gasoline engine has been produced at the concern’s factories since 2001 and is installed on many compact models of the company, such as the Fit, Brio, City and Civic. There are two different versions of the powertrain: 8-valve i-DSI and 16-valve i-VTEC.

Honda’s L-motors re-characterize the old philosophy that the engine should be economical and environmentally friendly. Originally, these Honda engines appeared in Fit cars, a super hit from Honda that opened a new page in the Japanese automotive industry. The popularity of Fit was so high that few other models could rival it, and the new engine series played a leading role in this.

The L-series also includes internal combustion engines: L13B, L15A and L15B.

The engine was installed on:

  • Honda Civic 8 (FD) in 2005 – 2008;
  • Honda City 4 (GD) in 2002 – 2008;
  • Honda Fit 1 (GD) in 2001 – 2007;
  • Honda Fit 2 (GE) in 2007 – 2014;
  • Honda Jazz 1 (GD) in 2002 – 2008;
  • Honda Jazz 2 (GG) in 2008 – 2015.


Production years since 2001
Displacement, cc 1339
Fuel system injector
Power output, hp 85 – 95 (L13A i-DSI 8v: L13A1, L13A6, L13A7, L13A8)
99 (L13A i-VTEC 16v: L13A3, L13A5)
Torque output, Nm 120 – 125 (L13A i-DSI 8v)
127 (L13A i-VTEC 16v)
Cylinder block aluminum R4
Block head aluminum 8v (L13A i-DSI 8v)
aluminum 16v (L13A i-VTEC 16v)
Cylinder bore, mm 73
Piston stroke, mm 80
Compression ratio 10.8 (L13A i-DSI 8v)
10.5 (L13A i-VTEC 16v)
Features SOHC
Hydraulic lifters no
Timing drive chain
Phase regulator no (L13A i-DSI 8v)
i-VTEC (L13A i-VTEC 16v)
Turbocharging no
Recommended engine oil 5W-30
Engine oil capacity, liter 3.6
Fuel type petrol
Euro standards EURO 4/5
Fuel consumption, L/100 km (for Honda Jazz 2007)
— city
— highway
— combined
Engine lifespan, km ~275 000
Weight, kg 100

Disadvantages of the Honda L13A engine

  • The engines of this line are considered reliable and have virtually no weak points;
  • Very dense engine compartment layout makes it difficult to maintain the power unit;
  • The i-DSI modification is equipped with eight candles and the service station forgets to change them all;
  • Too long operation of candles leads to failure of ignition coils;
  • There are no hydraulic lifters and every 50 thousand km it is necessary to adjust the valve clearances.

L13 Engine Repair Parts List

Engine Honda L13A/L13B under the hood

Full name of the part Part code
Valve V91730
Exhaust valve Honda D13/15/16 5.5x25x118.8 UM 16-VX173
Inlet valve Honda D12-D16 5.5x29x115 (14711-PM3-000) Rocky (5.5x29x115) HMA1000
Valve guide bush VAG92397
Valve guide bush VAG96221
Piston kit 13020-PWA-G01
Piston kit 13010-PWA-G01
Piston rings (set for 1 cylinder) 13021-PWA-G01
Piston rings (set for 1 cylinder) 13011-PWA-G01
Bed bolt 90008PM0003
Crankshaft 13310-PWA-000
Flywheel (Transmission 5MT) 22100-PWA-005
Connecting rod 13210-PWA-000
Connecting rod bolt 13204-PWA-003
Short blok 10002-PWA-E05
Cylinder block “empty” 11000-PWA-000
Cylinder head 12200-PWA-020
Cylinder head (assy) 10003-PWE-E02
Cylinder head retaining bolts (10 things) 14-32335-01
Inlet valve (Honda) 631 VE 30906 000
Exhaust valve (Honda) 631 VA 30907 100
Intake valve spring 14761-PWA-004
Valve spring outlet 14762-PWA-014
Valve cracker 14781-PJ7-003
Camshaft 14110-PWA-010
Valve tappet lever 14621-PWA-000
Camshaft sprocket 14211-PWA-000
Valve train chain 14401-PWA-004
Timing chain tensioner 14512-PWA-000
Timing chain tensioner shoe 14510-PWA-004
Camshaft sprocket bolt 90031-PV0-003
Complete set of Honda gaskets L13A1 (06110-PWA-010 + 06111-PWA-010) Eristic EF6500
Upper gasket set EH6500
Lower gasket set 08-40019-01
Head gasket Honda L13A1 (12251-PWA-004) Eristic EG650
Sealant-Pallet gasket heat resistant (-50/+300 degrees), tuba 70 ml (gray-black) Sealant, tuba 70 ml (gray-black) 70-31414-10
Pallet gasket EP650
Intake manifold gasket EN650
Intake manifold gasket (4 rings per motor) EN650A
Manifold gasket outlet EE650
Coolant pump gasket 19222-PWA-003
Stuffing box 40x55x6 Honda (91212-PWA-003) Eristic (40*55*6) EO0005
Stuffing box 80x98x10 Eristic (80*98*10) ER1401
Oil pump 15100-PWA-003
Oil level indicator 15650-PW-A000
Coolant pump 19200PWA003
Thermostat assembled 19301-PZA-305
Valve cover gasket Honda L13A1 (12341-PWG-003) Eristic ET650
Valve stem seals (set 8 things) 12-53547-04
Oil scraper seals (inlet) Honda L13A1 (12210-PJ7-004) (set 4 things) Eristic (4 things per motor) EV6009
Oil scraper seals (release) Honda L13A1 (12211-PJ7-004) (set 4 things) Eristic (4 things per motor) EV6010
Valve cap inlet Honda color code “white” (12210-P45-G01) Elring (Inlet 5,5 x 11/13×10 /ACM PR color code “white”) 130.560
Oil scraper cap (exhaust. 5,5 x 11/13×10 HONDA /ACM. Black spring) 130.860
Valve stem seals (130.860+130.560) (set 16 things (130.860+130.560) Black spring = exhaust, White spring = inlet) 084.300
Stuffing box NJ288
Basic liners Honda L13A/L15A/LDA (13328-PWA-004/3) Taiho M468A STD
Connecting rod bushings Honda L13A/L15A/LDA (13281-PWA-004/3) Taiho R468A STD
Semi-rings persistent Honda B16A Taiho (change to T468A) T461A-STD
Semi-rings persistent Honda L13A/L15A/LDA (13331-PR3-004/3) Taiho (= T461A) T468A-STD
Oil filter Ford/Honda h=87.0 d=66.0 Champion (change to COF102126S) F126 /606
Stop light 12V 21/5W W3x16Q, four pin (for Japanese) (Osram 7515, Philips 12066) Monark (12 V 21/5W W3x16q 7515) 091 612 154
Stop light 12V W5W 2,1×9,5D (Osram 2825, Philips 12961) Monark (12V 5W W2,1 x 9,5d) 091 712 033
Mini fuses set 6 things (5A-15A) Monark (FK1-MINI 6ST/PC) 099 837 975
Ignition coil 30520PWA003
Spark plug (BKR6E-11)(NGK) 98079-561-4E
Flywheel bolt (Transmission 5MT) 90011-PM0-000

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