Engine Honda L13A/L13B

Engine Honda L13A/L13B

Honda’s L-motors re-characterize the old philosophy that the engine should be economical and environmentally friendly. Originally, these Honda engines appeared in Fit cars, a super hit from Honda that opened a new page in the Japanese automotive industry. The popularity of Fit and fit-like cars was so high that few other models could rival it, and the new engine series played a leading role in this.


Manufacturer Ogawa plant
Also called L13
Production years 2001
Cylinder block alloy aluminum
Fuel system injector
Configuration inline
Number of cylinders 4
Valves per cylinder 2
Piston stroke, mm 80
Cylinder bore, mm 73
Compression ratio 10.5
Displacement, cc 1339
Power output, hp 86/5700
Torque output, Nm / rpm 119/2800
Fuel type 95
Euro standards
Weight, kg 100
Fuel consumption, L/100 km (for Honda Jazz)
— city
— highway
— combined
Oil consumption, gr/1000 km up to 500
Recommended engine oil 0W-30 / 0W-40 / 5W-30 / 5W-40 / 10W-40
Engine oil capacity, liter 3.6
Oil change interval, km 10000 (better 5000)
Normal engine operating temperature, °C
Engine lifespan, km
— official information
— real


L13 Engine Repair Parts List

Engine Honda L13A/L13B under the hood

Full name of the part Part code
Valve V91730
Exhaust valve Honda D13/15/16 5.5x25x118.8 UM 16-VX173
Inlet valve Honda D12-D16 5.5x29x115 (14711-PM3-000) Rocky (5.5x29x115) HMA1000
Valve guide bush VAG92397
Valve guide bush VAG96221
Piston kit 13020-PWA-G01
Piston kit 13010-PWA-G01
Piston rings (set for 1 cylinder) 13021-PWA-G01
Piston rings (set for 1 cylinder) 13011-PWA-G01
Bed bolt 90008PM0003
Crankshaft 13310-PWA-000
Flywheel (Transmission 5MT) 22100-PWA-005
Connecting rod 13210-PWA-000
Connecting rod bolt 13204-PWA-003
Short blok 10002-PWA-E05
Cylinder block “empty” 11000-PWA-000
Cylinder head 12200-PWA-020
Cylinder head (assy) 10003-PWE-E02
Cylinder head retaining bolts (10 things) 14-32335-01
Inlet valve (Honda) 631 VE 30906 000
Exhaust valve (Honda) 631 VA 30907 100
Intake valve spring 14761-PWA-004
Valve spring outlet 14762-PWA-014
Valve cracker 14781-PJ7-003
Camshaft 14110-PWA-010
Valve tappet lever 14621-PWA-000
Camshaft sprocket 14211-PWA-000
Valve train chain 14401-PWA-004
Timing chain tensioner 14512-PWA-000
Timing chain tensioner shoe 14510-PWA-004
Camshaft sprocket bolt 90031-PV0-003
Complete set of Honda gaskets L13A1 (06110-PWA-010 + 06111-PWA-010) Eristic EF6500
Upper gasket set EH6500
Lower gasket set 08-40019-01
Head gasket Honda L13A1 (12251-PWA-004) Eristic EG650
Sealant-Pallet gasket heat resistant (-50/+300 degrees), tuba 70 ml (gray-black) Sealant, tuba 70 ml (gray-black) 70-31414-10
Pallet gasket EP650
Intake manifold gasket EN650
Intake manifold gasket (4 rings per motor) EN650A
Manifold gasket outlet EE650
Coolant pump gasket 19222-PWA-003
Stuffing box 40x55x6 Honda (91212-PWA-003) Eristic (40*55*6) EO0005
Stuffing box 80x98x10 Eristic (80*98*10) ER1401
Oil pump 15100-PWA-003
Oil level indicator 15650-PW-A000
Coolant pump 19200PWA003
Thermostat assembled 19301-PZA-305
Valve cover gasket Honda L13A1 (12341-PWG-003) Eristic ET650
Valve stem seals (set 8 things) 12-53547-04
Oil scraper seals (inlet) Honda L13A1 (12210-PJ7-004) (set 4 things) Eristic (4 things per motor) EV6009
Oil scraper seals (release) Honda L13A1 (12211-PJ7-004) (set 4 things) Eristic (4 things per motor) EV6010
Valve cap inlet Honda color code “white” (12210-P45-G01) Elring (Inlet 5,5 x 11/13×10 /ACM PR color code “white”) 130.560
Oil scraper cap (exhaust. 5,5 x 11/13×10 HONDA /ACM. Black spring) 130.860
Valve stem seals (130.860+130.560) (set 16 things (130.860+130.560) Black spring = exhaust, White spring = inlet) 084.300
Stuffing box NJ288
Basic liners Honda L13A/L15A/LDA (13328-PWA-004/3) Taiho M468A STD
Connecting rod bushings Honda L13A/L15A/LDA (13281-PWA-004/3) Taiho R468A STD
Semi-rings persistent Honda B16A Taiho (change to T468A) T461A-STD
Semi-rings persistent Honda L13A/L15A/LDA (13331-PR3-004/3) Taiho (= T461A) T468A-STD
Oil filter Ford/Honda h=87.0 d=66.0 Champion (change to COF102126S) F126 /606
Stop light 12V 21/5W W3x16Q, four pin (for Japanese) (Osram 7515, Philips 12066) Monark (12 V 21/5W W3x16q 7515) 091 612 154
Stop light 12V W5W 2,1×9,5D (Osram 2825, Philips 12961) Monark (12V 5W W2,1 x 9,5d) 091 712 033
Mini fuses set 6 things (5A-15A) Monark (FK1-MINI 6ST/PC) 099 837 975
Ignition coil 30520PWA003
Spark plug (BKR6E-11)(NGK) 98079-561-4E
Flywheel bolt (Transmission 5MT) 90011-PM0-000

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