Engine Honda R20A

Engine R20A

The 2.0-liter Honda R20A gasoline engine has been assembled by the Japanese concern since 2006 and is installed on a number of popular models of the company, such as the Civic, Accord or the CR-V crossover. This unit is available in several modifications, which differ little from each other.

This two-liter unit is nothing more than an oversized R18A. The increase in volume from 1.8 liters to 2.0 was achieved thanks to a long-stroke crankshaft. The changes also affected the intake manifold, balancing shafts were installed on the motor. The cylinder head remained with one camshaft, sixteen valves and the iVTEC system. Motor without hydraulic lifters. From the previous version with the K20 index, the motor differs in a more urban character, improved traction at low and medium speeds. The engine has become more economical, reliable and simpler.

The R-series also includes an internal combustion engine: R18A.

The engine was installed on:

  • Acura ILX 1 (DE1) in 2012 – 2015;
  • Honda Accord 8 (CU) in 2008 – 2015;
  • Honda Civic 9 (FB) in 2012 – 2015;
  • Honda CR-V 3 (RE) in 2006 – 2012; CR-V 4 (RM) in 2011 – 2018; CR-V 5 (RW) in 2017 – 2021;
  • Honda Stepwgn 4 (RK) in 2009 – 2015;
  • Honda Stream 2 (RN6) in 2006 – 2014;
  • Proton Perdana (CP3) in 2013 – 2020.


Production years since 2006
Displacement, cc 1997
Fuel system injector
Power output, hp 150 – 155
Torque output, Nm 185 – 195
Cylinder block aluminum R4
Block head aluminum 16v
Cylinder bore, mm 81
Piston stroke, mm 96.9
Compression ratio 10.5
Features SOHC
Hydraulic lifters no
Timing drive chain
Phase regulator i-VTEC
Turbocharging no
Recommended engine oil 5W-30
Engine oil capacity, liter 4.3
Fuel type petrol
Euro standards EURO 4/5
Fuel consumption, L/100 km (for Honda Accord 2009)
— city
— highway
— combined
Engine lifespan, km ~300 000
Weight, kg 110

Disadvantages of the Honda R20A engine

  • This engine is quite demanding on the quality of fuel and oil used;
  • From bad gasoline, the catalyst quickly collapses and the lambda probes burn out;
  • Many Honda owners are annoyed by strong knocks from the operation of the adsorber valve;
  • Relatively small resource have engine mounts and drive belt tensioner;
  • Since there are no hydraulic lifters, valve clearances need to be adjusted periodically.

Engine R20A under the hood

R20A Engine Repair Parts List

Full name of the part Part code
Crankshaft 13310RZP000
Flywheel 22100RZP005
Torque converter 26000RWK305
Connecting rod 13210RZP000
Intake valve guide bush 12204-PJ7-305
Exhaust valve guide bush 12205-PJ-7305
Intake valve spring 14761RNAA01
Exhaust valve spring 14762RNAA01
Valve cracker 14781RGMA01
Hydraulic compensator 14820RNAA01
Axis of the rocker arms 14631RNAA00
Camshaft gear 14211RNAA01
Valve train chain 14401RNAA01
Head gasket 12251-RNA-A02
Valve cover gasket 71-40021-00
Converter gasket 18115RNA004
Exhaust pipe gasket 18229-S6D-003
Rear crankshaft oil seal 91214PWA003
Front crankshaft oil seal 91212-RNA-A01
Front crankshaft oil seal 91212RTA003
Camshaft bed plug Honda R18A1 25x35x17 (12513-P72-003) Eristic OS6012
Oil pressure sensor 37241RNAA01
Oil level gauge 37310RSAG02
Expansion tank 19101RZAA00
Thermostat with gasket 19301RNA305
Thermostat with gasket 19301RNA306
Fuel level sensor 17047SWWE00
Intake manifold 17100RNAA00
Upper main bearing 13321RZP003
Upper main bearing 13322RZP003
Upper main bearing 13323RZP003
Upper main bearing 13324RZP003
Upper main bearing 13325RZP003
Upper main bearing 13326RZP003
Lower main bearing 13341RZP003
Lower main bearing 13342RZP003
Lower main bearing 13343RZP003
Lower main bearing 13344RZP003
Lower main bearing 13345RZP003
Lower main bearing 13346RZP003
Connecting rod bearing 13211RNEA01
Connecting rod bearing 13212RNEA01
Connecting rod bearing 13213RNEA01
Connecting rod bearing 13214RNEA01
Connecting rod bearing 13215RNEA01
Connecting rod bearing 13216RNEA01
Semi-rings persistent 13331-PNA-004
Gummi motoraufhaengung 50850SWCE02
Assembled generator 31100RZPG01
Starter 31200RNAA01
Ignition coil 30520RNAA01
Spark plug 9807B561BW
Air filter 17220RZPG00
Oil filter 15400RTA003
Fuel filter assembled 17048SWWE00
Cabin filter 80292SWWG01
V-ribbed belt 31110RWK004
Belt tensioner pulley 31190RNA003
Thermostat gasket 19305PLCA00
Radiator drain plug 19011PH1621
Middle part of the muffler 18220SWWE01
Fuel tank 17044SWWE00
Assembled fuel pump 17045SWWE00
Crankcase ventilation pipe 17137RZPG00
Liquid cooling tube, metal 19505RNAA00
Oil filler cap seal 15613PC6000
Timing chain damper 14530RNAA01
Piston pin 13111RNAA00
Piston rings 13021RZP003
Piston rings 13021RZP004
Piston rings 13011-RZP-004
Piston kit 13020RNAY00
Piston kit 13010RNAY00
Downpipe of the exhaust system 18210SWWE01
Oil drain plug 90009PY3000
Coolant drain plug (from the cylinder block) 90001PM3003
Intake manifold gasket 17105RNAA01
Coolant pump gasket 19222RNAA00
Rear generator bearing 31111PT0003
Front generator bearing 31114PGKA01
Coolant radiator 19010RZPG51
Injector ramp 16620RNAA01
Oil nozzle 15280RZP000
Fuel injector 16450RZP003
Pin Retaining Rings 13115RNAA00
Valve spring plate, upper 14765RGA000
Valve spring plate, lower 14775P08000
Crankshaft gear 13620RZP003
Alternator pulley 31141RZPG01
Crankshaft pulley 13810-RZP-003
Engine coolant radiator hose, upper 19501RZPG01
Lower engine coolant hose 19502RZPG01
Oil dipstick 15650RZP000
Inlet valve 14711RNAA00
Exhaust valve 14721P2A000
Valve lid 12310RNAA01
Upper gasket set 06110-RZP-000
Lower gasket set 06114RNAZ00
Coolant pump 19200RZP013
Drive belt tensioner 31170RZPG01
Timing chain tensioner 14510RNAA01
Neutralizer 18160RZPG01
Intake valve oil scraper cap 12210PZ1004
Exhaust valve oil scraper cap 12211PZ1004
Rocker assembly 14620RNAA01
Air filter housing 17201-RZP-G00
Thermostat housing 19320RNAA00
Coolant radiator cap 19045RAA003
Expansion tank cap 19102RNAA00
Lower lambda probe 36532RNAA01
Oil pump 15100RZP003
Oil pan 11200RZVE02
Cylinder head (“empty”) 12200RNAA00
Cylinder head (assy) 10003RZP000
Starter Solenoid Relay 31204RNA003
Rocker nut 90206PM3004
Throttle valve 16400RZVG01
Rear muffler 18307SWWE01
Fuel filler neck 17660SWAQ01
Fuel filler plug 17670SJA013
Knock sensor 30530RNAA01
Mass air flow sensor 37980RNAA01
Crankshaft position sensor 37500RAAA01
Camshaft position sensor 37510RNAA01
Coolant temperature sensor 37870PLC004
Tank for gasoline vapors 17300SNA003
Timing chain tensioner shoe 14520RNAA01
Starter Bendix 31207PCA003
Cylinder block “empty” 11000RZP000
Torque converter bolt 957010601408
Flywheel bolt 90011PNAB00
Adjusting bolt 14744PM3000
Connecting rod bolt 13204RNAA01
Crankshaft pulley bolt 90017PCX013
Cylinder head bolts 90005RNAA01
Camshaft 14110RZP000
Balance Shaft Liner 13435RZP004
Motorbefestigung 50880SWAA01
Motorbefestigung 50880SWCE81
Motorbefestigung 50890SWAA02
Motorbefestigung 50890SWAA81
Sensor 37870RZA007
Short-block 10002RZVE00

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