Engine B20B (Z)

The B20B engine is the most popular and most voluminous representative of the B series from Honda. Representatives of this series are based on an aluminum cylinder block with steel liners. The engine has a two-shaft head with sixteen valves. The timing belt uses a belt that requires timely replacement in order to prevent it from breaking. The engine does not have hydraulic lifters, so it is necessary to periodically adjust the valves. In general, the engine is as normal as possible, without any bells and whistles. There is not even a VTEC variable valve timing system. The B20B engines were updated and modified several times, which led to the existence of several modifications.
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Engine D15B

The Honda D15 engine is a version produced in various modifications from 1984 to 2006. All versions of this engine are characterized by a displacement of 1.5 liters (1493 cc), a cylinder diameter of 75 mm, and a piston stroke of 84.5 mm. Power range from 90 to 128 HP The maximum torque ranges from 128 to 140 Nm. Some modifications are not equipped with VTEC. The engine’s gas distribution system has one overhead camshaft with four valves per cylinder (predominantly).
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Engine K20A (Z)

The K20A engine is a modern, four-cylinder, two-liter inline gasoline engine manufactured by Honda Motor Co. Ltd. A motor of this type is installed in many modern Honda car models. At the moment this engine is the most powerful and perfect serial “heart” of the Honda brand. The Compression ratio of this engine family varies from model to model. The power depends on the vehicle intended for the engine installation.
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Engine K24A (Z, Y, W)

K24A engines are in-line, four-cylinder, 16-valve engines with overhead camshafts and liquid cooling. To increase the rigidity of the cylinder block, the bottom cover of the main bearings is made in one piece and is attached to the block with 24 bolts. Thrust half rings are installed in the 4th support. For cooling, channels are made in the cylinder block through which the coolant circulates. There are horizontal channels for lubricating the crankshaft, connecting rods, pistons and supplying oil to the oil nozzles, and there is one vertical channel in the front of the block for supplying oil to the cylinder head.
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Engine R20A

This two-liter unit is nothing more than an oversized R18A. The increase in volume from 1.8 liters to 2.0 was achieved thanks to a long-stroke crankshaft. The changes also affected the intake manifold, balancing shafts were installed on the motor. The cylinder head remained with one camshaft, sixteen valves and the iVTEC system. Motor without hydraulic lifters. From the previous version with the K20 index, the motor differs in a more urban character, improved traction at low and medium speeds. The engine has become more economical, reliable and simpler.
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