Engine Honda L13A/L13B

Honda’s L-motors re-characterize the old philosophy that the engine should be economical and environmentally friendly. Originally, these Honda engines appeared in Fit cars, a super hit from Honda that opened a new page in the Japanese automotive industry. The popularity of Fit and fit-like cars was so high that few other models could rival it, and the new engine series played a leading role in this. Continue reading Engine Honda L13A/L13B

Engine Honda R18A

In 2006, a new R18 engine was used on the Civic 8 from Honda, which replaced the D17 engine, and on this “D” -series were no longer installed on Honda cars. The timing for the new engine is driven by a chain, the head has not been changed – all the same 16 valves and 1 camshaft, but the intelligent iVTEC system and dual-mode intake have already been added. Continue reading Engine Honda R18A

Engine Honda D17A

The D17A engine was designed specifically for “heavy” vehicles and was used on two models – the Honda Civic EU-ES and the Honda Srteam. The results can be called positive at a stretch. And it would be even more accurate to call this engine “disposable” – despite the overall reliability of the design, the unit has become more capricious, demanding on the quality of spare parts and the level of car services. Continue reading Engine Honda D17A

Engine Honda D16A

D16A engines are 4-cylinder in-line gasoline engines. The first unit of the line was released in 1986, and the production of internal combustion engines of this family was discontinued in 2007. The cylinder block is made of aluminum. The gas distribution mechanism provides for one camshaft at the top of the cylinder head, mainly with four valves per cylinder. Power type – injection (ZC carburetor). Continue reading Engine Honda D16A