Engine YaMZ-651

The YaMZ-651 engine is a 6-cylinder 4-stroke diesel engine with an in-line arrangement of cylinders, a liquid cooling system, turbocharging and charge air cooling in an air-to-air heat exchanger installed on a vehicle (without an EGR system).

In terms of emissions of harmful substances, it corresponds to environmental class 4 for road machinery – UN Regulation No. 49-05C (level B1 with EOBD system), No. 24-03 – euro-4.

To achieve the ecological level euro-5, the SCR system installed on the vehicle and the PM-CAT catalytic converter were used. The battery-type fuel system (ECRS) by R. Bosch.


Cylinder bore, mm 123
Piston stroke, mm 156
Displacement, cc 11,12
Power output, kW (hp) 303 (412)
Max torque output, Nm (kgf·m) 1911 (195) at 1200-1400 rpm
Compression ratio 16,4
Firing order 1 – 5 – 3 – 6 – 2 – 4
Specific fuel consumption 193 gramme/kW·hour (142 gramme/HP·hour)
Engine lifespan, thousand km 1000
Dimensions, mm (LxWxH) 1286 / 935 / 1126
Weight, kg 1030
Euro standards (UN rules) № 49-05C (B1, EOBD) – euro-4

Layout of YMZ-651 nodes

Left side Front view Right side
  1. power steering pump;
  2. oil pressure sensor;
  3. fuel pump shaft speed sensor;
  4. fuel pump;
  5. generator;
  6. air heater;
  7. pneumatic valve for engine brake flap control;
  8. air heater activation relay;
  9. oil filler neck;
  10. high pressure fuel pipes;
  11. centrifugal oil filter;
  12. charge air pressure and temperature sensor;
  13. starter;
  14. crankshaft speed sensor;
  15. fuel pressure and temperature sensor;
  16. fine fuel filter;
  17. oil sump;
  18. nameplate;
  19. fuel rail;
  20. electronic control unit.
  1. coolant temperature sensor;
  2. viscous fan clutch;
  3. charge air temperature sensor;
  4. torsional vibration damper.
  1. engine brake flap;
  2. EGR damper;
  3. pneumatic cylinder for EGR valve control;
  4. turbocharger;
  5. pneumatic valve for control of the EGR system;
  6. pneumatic compressor;
  7. full flow oil filter;
  8. pneumatic cylinder for engine brake flap control.

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