Engine YaMZ-850

The YaMZ-850 engines manufactured by the Yaroslavl Motor Plant are among the most powerful in the product line of heavy YaMZ diesel engines. Motors of this family belong to turbocharged models and comply with two environmental standards Euro-0 and Euro-1. These power units are designed for tractors and stationary power units.

These are 12-cylinder V-type, 4-stroke, turbocharged, liquid-cooled, direct injection and charge air cooled diesel engines. Heavy industrial engines are designed to operate as part of industrial tractors, bulldozers.


Cylinder bore, mm 140
Piston stroke, mm 140
Displacement, cc 25,9
Power output, kW (hp) 412 (560) at 1900 rpm
Max torque output, Nm (kgf·m) 2685 (274) at 1300-1500 rpm
Specific fuel consumption 211 gramme/kW·hour (155 gramme/HP·hour)
Engine lifespan, hour 10000
Dimensions, mm (LxWxH) 1910х1230х1300
Weight, kg 2050

YaMZ-850.10-01The YaMZ-850 engines were developed on the basis of the YaMZ-8401 family and are intended for use in industrial tractors, bulldozers and pipe layers. On the basis of the YaMZ-850.10 tractor diesel engine, several modifications have been made for use as part of stationary installations. So the diesel unit YaMZ-8502.10 is used to drive pumps and compressors, YaMZ-8503.10 for diesel power plants (diesel generators) of high power, YaMZ-E8504.10 for driving drilling equipment. The presence of the letter E in the diesel model indicates that the engine is experimental (not serial production). The 850.10 engine is designed for installation on mining dump trucks with a total weight of up to 95 tons.

Modifications of the YaMZ-850 engine

Package contents Purpose
YAMZ-850.10 CHETRA industrial tractor-bulldozer T-35.01Ya (YABL-3), pipe-laying crane TG-503Ya (Promtraktor, Cheboksary, KTZ)
YMZ-850.10-01 CHETRA wheeled tractor-bulldozer TK-25.02, front loader PK-12.02 (-01, -02) (Promtraktor, Cheboksary, KT)
YAMZ-8501.10 CHETRA industrial tractor-bulldozer T-25.01Ya, reclamation tractor TM-25.01 (“Promtraktor”, Cheboksary)

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