Engine Mercedes OM926LA

Engine Mercedes OM926LA

Diesel engine manufactured by Mercedes-Benz. The engine is a four-stroke and has a displacement of 7201 cubic centimeters, which corresponds to 435 cubic inches. It is one of a series of 900 engines that began development after the crisis in the 1980s to replace the 300 series engines.

Specifically, OM 926 LA was released in 1998 and replaced its predecessor – OM 366 A, which produced 170 hp on 6 cylinders. With the introduction of Euro II environmental standards, the 900 series came to replace the 300 series engines.The 300 series was very popular and was widely used in the 1980s in heavy equipment and on trucks. OM926LA is used in combine harvesters. The designation “A” indicates the turbo version of the engine. In particular, the OM 926 LA drives the CLAAS Tucano combine harvester.


Manufacturer Mercedes-Benz
Also called OM 926LA
Production years 1998
Fuel system direct injection
Configuration Water-cooled inline motor
Number of cylinders 6
Piston stroke, mm 136
Cylinder bore, mm 106
Displacement, cc 7201
Power output, hp 299-326
Torque output, Nm / rpm 1250/1600
Fuel type diesel
Euro standards Euro 4
Weight, kg 530
Engine lifespan, thousand km – official information 1 000

The German engine Mercedes Benz OM926LA has established itself in the diesel engine market as a reliable unit. High quality workmanship of attachments, manufactured using the latest technology, makes it possible to minimize fuel consumption. Traction characteristics and minimal pollution of the environment meet the Euro 4 standard.

General view of OM 926 LA

  1. Belt tensioner;
  2. Coolant pump;
  3. Charge air pressure line (with flare) from charge air cooler;
  4. Crankcase ventilation;
  5. Oil filler neck;
  6. Fuel filter;
  7. Fuel prefilter;
  8. Engine control (MR) control unit;
  9. Oil dipstick.

  1. Starter;
  2. Flywheel housing;
  3. Exhaust turbocharger;
  4. Exhaust manifold;
  5. Air blower housing;
  6. Connection to the blower from the cooler;
  7. Connection from blower to cooler;
  8. Oil filter;
  9. Generator.

Explanation of marking

OM Heavy Fuel Oil (Diesel) ICE
926 Engine type: 6-cylinder in-line
L Charge air cooling.
A Exhaust turbocharger.

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