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The YM3-650 6-cylinder in-line diesel engine became the Russian version of the French engine from Renault Trucks. The license for its serial production was acquired in 2006. This power unit has been widely used on heavy trucks and has proven itself positively. The motor is considered to be perfectly balanced due to the number of cylinders and the perfectly matched order of their operation.

YaMZ-65O is a liquid-cooled turbocharged diesel engine with a displacement of 11.1 liters and a maximum power of up to 412 hp. Compared to the V-shaped “eight”, the YaMZ-650 engine has a higher (by 37.7%) liter power, more (by 5.5%) torque, 280 kg less weight and slightly lower fuel consumption. In addition, an inline-six is ​​much more efficient in terms of balance. By design, the YM3-650 is much younger than domestic motors.


Engine’s type diesel
Production years 2006
Power output, kW at rpm 203-330 at 2000
Power output, hp at rpm 311-412 at 2000
Displacement, cc 11120
Number of cylinders 6
Valves 24
Torque output, Nm / rpm 1870 at 1300
Compression ratio 16.4:1
Cylinder bore, mm 123
Piston stroke, mm 156
Configuration 6-cylinder, inline
Fuel type diesel
Fuel system direct injection
Euro standards Euro 3
Cooling liquid

YaMZ-650 are a new family of diesel engines designed for operation:

  • at ambient temperatures from -60 ° C to + 50 ° C;
  • relative humidity up to 98% at + 25 ° C;
  • dust content up to 0.4 g / m3;
  • in areas located at an altitude of up to 1500 m, without a decrease in power indicators and up to 4500 m above sea level with overcoming passes up to 4650 ms with a corresponding decrease in indicators.

These are motors that use an in-line 6-cylinder cast iron cylinder block with wet cast iron liners and oil spray nozzles to cool the pistons. Inside, a steel crankshaft with a piston stroke of 156 mm, main journals of 108 mm and with crank journals of 77 mm is installed on 7 supports. Connecting rods – made of steel, having a length of 300 mm; pistons – aluminum, 123 mm in diameter. In a single head for all 6 cylinders, each of them has 4 valves: 2 at the inlet and 2 at the outlet. The camshaft is installed in the block.

The valve cover is made of glass fiber reinforced plastic. It is isolated from the engine with a rubber gasket to help reduce overall noise levels. The camshaft and auxiliary gears are located at the front of the engine. 2 full-flow oil filters and a centrifuge provide the engine oil with a high degree of purity and an optimal drainage period. Intercooled turbocharging provides increased power-to-weight ratio and other important metrics.

The main feature of the engine is the second generation Bosch Common Rail fuel supply system. In appearance, it resembles a conventional in-line injection pump, but has a common storage pipeline and electronic nozzle control. The fuel is supplied to the injectors through individual fuel lines from the accumulator. The heart of a modern diesel engine is an electronic control system, which generates signals from the injector solenoid for the injection advance and delivery time. The programmable part of the system allows you to change the settings of the unit within a wide range.

The lubrication system is equipped with a centrifuge and two full-flow filters. This design ensures reliable engine operation throughout its entire operating life. A high degree of oil burnout is observed in diesel engines, so this system is relevant.

The consumer characteristics of the engine distinguish it favorably from all diesel engines of a similar power range mass-produced in the Russian Federation, these are:

  • compactness for its adaptation as part of a wide range of modern technology;
  • specific characteristics (weight, power) at the level of the world’s leading samples;
  • motor resource – at least 1,000,000 km of run;
  • compliance with current Euro-3 environmental standards and a constructive groundwork for achieving Euro-4;
  • better fuel and oil economy;
  • a fundamentally different layout system – the first automotive in-line engine in the Russian Federation for heavy automotive and other equipment.

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