Engine BMW M60B40

The M60B40 engine is the first V-8 engine produced by BMW in over 25 years. BMW engineers began the development of the unit back in 1984, but the motor was first introduced only in 1992. To reduce the weight of the unit, the cylinder block and cylinder head are made of aluminum, and the intake manifold is made of plastic. Continue reading Engine BMW M60B40

Engine BMW M62B44

The BMW M62 engine series is a further evolution of the BMW M60 engine series. The displacement of the M62B44 engine is 4.4 liters (4398 cc). Power 282 HP at 5700 rpm. The torque was 420 Nm at 3900 rpm. The maximum possible engine speed is 6100. The cylinder diameter is 92 mm, the piston stroke is 82.7 mm. Continue reading Engine BMW M62B44