Engine BMW M62B35 under the hood

Engine BMW M62B35

The M62 engine series replaces the M60 engines. The M62B35 engine is a further development of the V-8 engine series introduced in 1996 by BMW. Since 1996, it has been phased in on the E38 and E39 series vehicles. The M62 engine is offered in two displacement versions: 3.5 liters and 4.4 liters.


Manufacturer BMW Plant Dingolfing
Also called M62
Production years 1996-2003
Cylinder block alloy aluminum
Fuel system injector
Configuration V
Number of cylinders 8
Valves per cylinder 4
Piston stroke, mm 78.9
Cylinder bore, mm 84
Compression ratio 10
Displacement, cc 3498
Power output, hp 235/5800
245/5800 (TU)
Torque output, Nm / rpm 320/3300
345/3800 (TU)
Fuel type 95
Euro standards Euro 2-3
Weight, kg
Fuel consumption, L/100 km
— city
— highway
— combined
Oil consumption, gr/1000 km up to 1000
Recommended engine oil 0W-30 / 0W-40 / 5W-30 / 5W-40
Engine oil capacity, liter 7.5
Oil change interval, km 7000-10000
Normal engine operating temperature, °C ~105
Engine lifespan, km
— official information
— real


Frequent problems

Engine BMW M62B35The BMW M62B35 engine is characterized by knocking problems, floating speed, leaks. Correct diagnostics and replacement of parts will extend the life of the engine and enjoy the reliability and ease of use of the car.

Engine knocking is a common problem. The knock is caused by the stretched timing chain, the resource of which is up to 200 thousand kilometers. Problems can be associated with the tensioner bar, chain guide or tensioner. The Vanos system has the same wear as the chain.

If the valve cover gasket begins to leak, it is sufficient to replace it. If a refrigerant bath is leaking, replace it; pump and intake manifold gaskets may also need to be replaced.

When the engine runs unevenly and the rpm is floating, check for air leaks in the intake manifold. The reason may lie in the air flow meter, problems with the KVKG and throttle position sensors, if they are dirty. After 250 thousand kilometers, valve stem seals should be changed.

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