The BMW M5 is a modified version of the BMW 5 business class car by BMW M GmbH. The car was put into production in 1985. From 2011 to the present, the 6th generation of the modernized M5 is being manufactured. Cars were assembled at factories in the German cities of Munich, Garching and Dingolfing, as well as in South Africa. In the second and fourth generations, the car was produced in a station wagon body modification. Depending on the exporting countries, the models were produced in right- and left-hand drive modifications.

Engine BMW S38B36

Especially for the BMW M5 E34 released in 1988, a new sports engine called the S38B36 was designed. The basis for this engine was the aspirated M88/3 (S38B35), with a colleague in the series, M30B34, S38 has less in common.

Engine BMW S38B38

The BMW S38B38 engine appeared in 1992 and was developed on the basis of the S38B36: a crankshaft with a piston stroke of 90 mm and with 12 counterweights was used, connecting rods were 142.5 mm long, the cylinder diameter was increased to 94.6 mm, new lightweight pistons with a compression height of 30.7 mm, …

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Engine BMW S62B50

The modernization of the M62 engine led to the creation in 1998 of the improved S62 8-cylinder gasoline engine. The cylinder bore has been increased to 94 mm and the piston stroke is 89 mm. This allowed the total engine displacement to be increased to 4941 cc. The S62 inherited an aluminum engine block and …

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Engine BMW S63B44

The BMW S63B44 engine is the development of a subsidiary of the BMW carmaker – BMW Motorsport GmbH. It is a variant of the N63 series and was first used in the production of the BMW X6M. The main emphasis of this engine series is placed on economical fuel consumption and high technical characteristics of …

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Engine BMW S85B50

BMW S85 Engine – V-type 10-cylinder piston engine with two overhead camshafts (DOHC), which replaced the S62 engine, was produced from 2005 to 2010 and was used in BMW E60 M5, E61 M5 and E63/64 M6. The S85B50 engine is high-revving, with a red mark on the 8250 rpm rev counter. It reaches over 100 …

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