Engine Duratec HE 2.0/MZR LF

The design of the Duratec HE / MZR LF 2.0L engine is largely the same as the 1.8-liter version, but the cylinder diameter in them is already 87.5 mm. The MZR series engine was developed by Mazda engineers for the LF models and used by Ford in a collaboration. If we compare the 2.0-liter version with the 1.8-liter, then the larger engine is better in all respects. It works more powerful, but quiet and smooth, no floating speed. The timing chain drive increases the reliability of the unit, the resource of which is designed for 350,000 kilometers.
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Engine Duratec 16V Sigma

Ford Focus 2 engine 1.6 100 hp from the Duratec series (or according to another Zetec-SE specification) has a twin brother, but with a volume of 1.4 liters. Structurally, Duratec 1.6 and Duratec 1.4 are practically the same, the difference lies in the size and stroke of the piston, other connecting rods and the crankshaft. And so these are gasoline atmospheric 16 valve engines with an aluminum cylinder block and a timing belt. The Foci produced in Russia were equipped with a Duratec 16V Sigma (Zetec-S) 1.6 liter engine. 100 hp. The power unit turned out to be the most demanded on the Ford Focus 2.
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Engine Duratec Ti-VCT 16V

Ford Duratec Ti-VCT 1.6 engine 115 hp this is the same 1.6 Duratec engine only with variable valve timing. The engine also has a different intake manifold and different engine firmware. All of these improvements have raised the maximum power output from 101bhp. up to 115 hp, and the torque has grown by 5 N • m. The engine has a timing belt drive and there are no hydraulic lifters (the valves need to be periodically adjusted). The engine resource in practice is about 300-350 thousand km (the manufacturer claims 250 thousand km).
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Engine Ford Duratec-HE 1,8 liter

The power unit Ford Duratec-HE / MZR L8 is also called the Mazda MZR L8 and was created by the Japanese as an evolution of the Mazda series of F engines. Prior to this, Ford installed Duratec-HE / MZR L8 on Mondeo models, but later the engine was improved, they installed an intake manifold channel management system, a direct ignition system, electronic throttle valves and more. The 1.8-liter Duratec has a timing chain drive, which increases its reliability.
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