Engine Toyota 4A

For the first time Toyota 4A was released in 1982 and did not leave the assembly line until 2002. The first two characters in its name indicate that this is the fourth modification in the “A” series of engines produced by the company. The series began ten years earlier, when the company’s engineers set out to create a new engine for Toyota Tercel, which would provide more economical fuel consumption and better technical performance. Continue reading Engine Toyota 4A

Engine Toyota 3ZZ-FE

The Toyota 3ZZ-FE engine was produced between 2000 and 2007. The displacement of this 4-cylinder engine is 1.6 L (1598 cc). In fact, the engine is similar to 1ZZ-FE, but with a reduced displacement. The bore of the 3ZZ engine is the same, but the stroke is reduced. The gas distribution mechanism is a 16-valve DOHC scheme with 4 valves per cylinder equipped with a VVT-i system. Continue reading Engine Toyota 3ZZ-FE

Engine Toyota 3ZR-FE/FAE/FBE

The 3ZR-FE / FAE / FBE engine is an excellent ZR series motor. The performance of the 3ZR has become much better, which means that the engine of this series has become more economical, but at the same time and powerful. It has a volume of 2.0 liters. The power has been significantly increased and now it is 158 hp at 6200 rpm. The engine torque has also been improved and now at just 4400 rpm it is 144 N*m. Gasoline consumption has become noticeably less. Now the consumption per 100 kilometers is about 10 liters in the city. Positive feedback from users of these cars allows us to conclude that the 3ZR engines are among the best in their series. They are in demand and very popular to this day. Continue reading Engine Toyota 3ZR-FE/FAE/FBE

Engine Toyota 3S

Japanese automakers are known for their quality products, which include powertrains. The 3S engine fully belongs to them, as it has proven itself only on the positive side. The appearance of this remarkable motor of the 3S series was noted in the already distant 1986, and its release continued until 2000. ICE 3S is an injection engine with a volume of 2 liters. The weight of the power units of this series strongly depends on the modification of the motors. Continue reading Engine Toyota 3S

Engine Toyota 2ZR-FE/FAE/FXE

The 2ZR engine began production in 2007 to replace the popularly disliked 1ZZ engine and took an intermediate position in the ZR series, between junior 1ZR and older 3ZR. The Toyota 2ZR engine differs from the younger one by the increased crankshaft stroke (from 78.5 mm to 88.3 mm), in the 3ZR, respectively, the crankshaft with a large stroke. In addition, the 2ZR has modifications based on the Atkinson cycle. Continue reading Engine Toyota 2ZR-FE/FAE/FXE

Engine Toyota 1ZZ

The first Toyota 1ZZ engines began to be produced in 1998. They were made until December 2007. 1ZZ used a multipoint injection system. The gas distribution path provided high fuel efficiency at low revs. A big plus is the excellent thrust of the 1ZZ engine at high revs. Design features include forged connecting rods, an all-die-cast crankshaft and a plastic intake manifold. Continue reading Engine Toyota 1ZZ