Engine Nissan VQ37VHR

In 2007, mainly for Infiniti cars, the most advanced engine from the VQ series was introduced, designated as VQ37VHR. This unit replaced the VQ35HR and was developed on its basis. The block of cylinders VQ35HR has grown slightly in height, along with this, its rigidity has been increased. A crankshaft with a piston stroke of 86 mm, long connecting rods, light pistons with a Compression ratio of 11. This made it possible to increase the working volume from 3.5 liters to 3.7 liters. Continue reading Engine Nissan VQ37VHR

Engine Nissan VK45DE

The debut year for the VK45DE engine was 2001. For the first time this engine was installed on the Infiniti Q45 model. At the heart of the V8 engine was an aluminum alloy block with a 90-degree camber and a height of 220.35 mm. The block contains a crankshaft with a piston stroke of 82.7 mm, a cylinder diameter of 93 mm. The connecting rods are 147 mm long and the Compression ratio on the VK45DE is 10.5. Continue reading Engine Nissan VK45DE

Engine Nissan VQ35DE

The VQ35 engine is considered one of the most massive engines from the Nissan company. This ICE has received more than one award, becoming the “best engine of the year”. The VQ35 replaces the VQ30DE unit, which belonged to the first generation of VQ motors. This new 3.5-liter engine, in the most common version, has a capacity of 280 horsepower. It should be added that in its (second) generation, the VQ35 had versions with a capacity of 230-250 forces, and in the third – 260-300. Continue reading Engine Nissan VQ35DE

Engine Nissan VK56DE

The parent of the VK56DE engine was the VK45DE. Unlike its older relative, this engine acquired a larger cylinder block with a height of 232 mm, due to which the connecting rods were extended to 154.5 mm. The cylinders themselves began to be produced wider by 5 mm, they became 98 mm wide, and a new crankshaft was also installed, which made it possible to increase the piston stroke to 92.8 mm. All the changes led to the fact that the engine began to have a lower Compression ratio and a larger displacement, which was 5.6 liters. The cylinder head is aluminum, the valve timing system on the CVTCS outlet camshafts has become stepless. A chain is used to drive the timing. The result is a motor perfect for pickups and SUVs, taking traction from low revs. Continue reading Engine Nissan VK56DE