Engine Isuzu 4JG2

The Isuzu 4JG2 3.1-liter diesel engine was produced by the concern from 1991 to 2000 and was installed in many SUVs, such as the Trooper or the similar Opel Monterey. There were atmospheric, turbocharged versions of the unit and the most powerful ones with an intercooler.

The J-engine line also includes diesels: 4JB1, 4JX1, 4JG2, 4JJ1, 4JJ3.


Production years 1991-2000
Displacement, cc 3059
Fuel system prechambers
Power output, hp 95 – 115
115 – 135 (4JG2T or 4JG2-TC)
Torque output, Nm 185 – 205
270 – 295 (4JG2T or 4JG2-TC)
Cylinder block cast iron R4
Block head cast iron 8v
Cylinder bore, mm 95.4
Piston stroke, mm 107
Compression ratio 20.1
20.0 (4JG2T or 4JG2-TC)
Features OHV
OHV / intercooler (4JG2T or 4JG2-TC)
Hydraulic lifters no
Timing drive gears
belt (4JG2T or 4JG2-TC)
Phase regulator no
Turbocharging no
IHI RHB5 (4JG2T or 4JG2-TC)
Recommended engine oil 5W-40
Engine oil capacity, liter 6.0
Fuel type diesel
Euro standards EURO 1
EURO 2 (4JG2T or 4JG2-TC)
Fuel consumption, L/100 km (for Isuzu Trooper 1994)
— city
— highway
— combined
Engine lifespan, km ~450 000
Weight, kg 260

The engine was installed on:

  • Isuzu Faster 3 (TF) in 1993 – 1998;
  • Isuzu MU 1 (UC) in 1993 – 1998;
  • Isuzu Trooper 2 (UB2) in 1991 – 2000;
  • Isuzu Wizard 1 (UC) in 1992 – 1998;
  • Opel Monterey A (M92) in 1992 – 1999;
  • Honda Horizon 1 in 1994 – 1998.

Disadvantages of the Isuzu 4JG2 engine

  • This is one of the most reliable and unpretentious Isuzu diesel engines with a huge resource.
  • The most famous engine problem is cylinder head cracking with exhaust gas breakthrough.
  • The timing belt lasts a very long time, but its breakage is extremely dangerous for the power unit.
  • It is difficult to find specialists for the repair and adjustment of ZEXEL fuel equipment.
  • The manual recommends adjusting the valve clearances every 40,000 km.

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  1. Well my 4jg2 engine has a knocking sound in it both on low idle and high idle but I’ll first measure the size of the pistons and its cylives and had less power.

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