Engine Opel Z16SE

The Z16SE engine is an 84-horsepower 1.6-liter engine, which appeared with the release of the Opel Astra G, and is paired with an automatic and a manual transmission. Compared to its predecessor, the Z16SE has a completely different intake manifold, a changed cylinder head, a new valve cover gasket, completely different pistons and a completely changed cylinder-piston group. Continue reading Engine Opel Z16SE

Engine A14NET/NEL

The Opel 1.4 engine is the result of a new approach to civilian engine building. Small displacement engine with low pressure turbocharging (only 0.5 bar in the A14NET version). This ensures high fuel efficiency (reduces fuel consumption and increases engine power). Timing chain drive, hydraulic lifters are installed. There is a phase change system on both camshafts. Continue reading Engine A14NET/NEL

Engine A16LET

A16LET is a turbocharged and multipoint fuel injection engine installed on the Opel Astra, with a volume of 1.6 liters, the engine can deliver 180 hp. at 5500 rpm. The A16LET engine is a four-cylinder in-line gasoline engine with 79 bore and 81.5 mm stroke respectively. Recommended fuel for this AI-95 engine.
Continue reading Engine A16LET