Nissan Elgrand

The Nissan Elgrand is a Japanese luxury minivan from Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. Manufactured in 1997. Currently, the car is produced in the third generation. The car has full and rear drive circuits. In the 1st generation, many parts were taken from the Nissan Terrano SUV. In the second generation, since 2002, the model has undergone changes – more perfect equipment and modern design. Since 2010, the third generation of the model has been produced for the needs of the domestic Japanese market.

Engine Nissan ZD30

The 3.0-liter Nissan ZD30DD diesel engine was produced from 1999 to 2012 in Japan and was installed on an extensive family of Caravan minivans, including Homi and Elgrand modifications.

Engine Nissan QD32ETi

The 3.2-liter Nissan QD32ETi diesel engine was produced from 1995 to 2000 in Japan and was installed on the Elgrand minibus or Terrano SUV, including the Regulus version. This very reliable unit is regularly used for swap instead of modern motors.

Engine Nissan VQ35DE

The VQ35 engine is considered one of the most massive engines from Nissan. This engine has won “Best Engine of the Year” many times. VQ35 replaced the VQ30DE unit, which belonged to the first generation of VQ motors.

Engine Nissan VQ25DE

The 2.5-liter Nissan VQ25DE engine (or VQ25 for short) was first shown in 1994 as the main power unit for the popular Cefiro, Cedric or Leopard models on the Japanese market. In 2004, the motor was slightly updated and began to be installed on the Fuga, Teana sedans and the Elgrand minivan. It was installed …

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Engine Nissan VG33E

The 3.3-liter Nissan VG33E engine has been produced since 1995 and is still installed in China. This power unit is most often found on pickup trucks, SUVs and minibuses. There is a version of the VG33ER equipped with a supercharger with a power of 210 hp and 334 Nm of torque.

Engine Nissan QR25DE

The 2.5-liter Nissan QR25DE engine (or QR25 for short) has been assembled at factories in Japan and the USA since 2000 and is installed on such popular concern models as the Altima, Caravan, Frontier and X-Trail. The engine was seriously upgraded in 2007, so some distinguish its two generations.

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