Engine Hyundai G4FC

Engine Hyundai G4FC

The G4FC petrol engine is a classic inline 4-cylinder engine. It has 16 valves and 2 camshafts, cast thin-walled cast iron liners are located in the aluminum cylinder block. The G4FC motor is considered an example of reliability among brothers.

The high-strength crankshaft has 5 main and 4 connecting rod journals, as well as 4 counterweights coming from the side and central cheeks. Aluminum pistons have short skirts to lighten weight and improve glide.

The 16-valve cylinder head has 2 camshafts: in the Gamma-1 with CVVT phase shifter only at the intake, in the Gamma-2 CVVT at the intake and exhaust. The G4FC timing chain drive with a hydraulic tensioner rarely causes problems over its lifetime.

Thermal valve clearances in the G4FC require periodic adjustment due to the lack of hydraulic lifters.


Manufacturer Beijing Hyundai Motor Co.
Also called G4FC
Production years 2007
Cylinder block alloy aluminum
Fuel system injector
Configuration inline
Number of cylinders 4
Valves per cylinder 4
Piston stroke 85,4 mm
Cylinder bore 77 mm
Compression ratio 11
Displacement 1591 cc
Power output 122-130 hp /6000 rpm
Torque output 155 Nm / 4200 rpm
Fuel type 92
Euro standards Euro 4
Fuel consumption city 7,9 l. | highway 4,9 l. | combined 6,0 L/100 km
Oil consumption up to 1 L/1000 km (in difficult conditions)
Recommended engine oil: 0W-30 / 0W-40 / 5W-30 / 5W-40
Engine oil capacity, liter: 3.3 l.
Amount of engine oil for replacement 3 l.
Oil change interval 15000 km (better 7500 km)
Normal engine operating temperature: ~90 °C
Engine lifespan: 1. official information – not less than 180 thousand km
2. real – 200+ thousand km.

Frequent problems

  1. Knocks and noise when cold. Chain noise is a known downside to the G4FC engine. As the circuit warms up, the noise of the circuit disappears, if this does not happen, it is probably time to adjust the valves.
  2. The clatter during the operation of the nozzles. Loud nozzles are another minus of this motor. This is not a breakdown, but the natural operation of the injector.
  3. Oil leaking from under the valve cover. A mediocre gasket under the cover is the weak point of the G4FC engine, the wear of which leads to oil squeezing out. Replacing the gasket solves the problem.
  4. Floating revolutions. Usually, to eliminate this minus, it is enough to clean the throttle valve to normalize the speed, as an option, replace the firmware with a new one.
  5. Shaking and vibrations. Often there is shaking at idle. You can get rid of this minus by cleaning the throttle and replacing the candles. Vibration in motion at medium speeds is a drawback of the G4FC motor, due to the design of the engine mount and the resonance that occurs when operating at medium speeds, which can be eliminated with the help of short-term re-gassing in motion. Also, replacing the pillows with new ones will certainly help.
  6. Alternator belt whistle. The weak point is insufficient belt tension. It helps to replace the tensioner roller.
  7. Oil consumption. A change in the design of the catalyst on engines after the year 2011 led to this minus. The crumbs of the collapsing catalyst get into the block and gradually cause wear on the pistons and cylinders.

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