Engine Duratec 16V Sigma (Zetec-SE) under the hood

Engine Ford Duratec 16V Sigma (Zetec-SE)

The Ford 1.4 Duratec 16V 80 hp engine was installed, for the most part, on small cars like Fiesta and Fusion. However, the engine was frankly weak in pulling even these small cars, not to mention the larger models. Taking into account the small displacement, the engine has a good practical resource. The timing belt uses a belt, and it is necessary to replace the rollers and the belt in a timely manner. Of the minuses, the inelasticity of the engine and low power are noted. If the engine is carefully and carefully operated, then it serves its owner reliably. Also, the engine is distinguished by good efficiency.


Manufacturer Bridgend Engine
Production years 2002 – 2010
Cylinder block alloy aluminum
Fuel system injector
Configuration inline
Number of cylinders 4
Valves per cylinder 4
Piston stroke, mm 76.5
Cylinder bore, mm 76
Compression ratio 11
Displacement, cc 1388
Power output, hp 80/5700
Torque output, Nm / rpm 124/3500
Fuel type 95
Euro standards Euro 4
Weight, kg ~85
Fuel consumption, L/100 km
— city
— highway
— combined
Oil consumption, gr/1000 km 200
Recommended engine oil 5W-20 / 5W-30
Engine lifespan, km
— official information
— real

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