Engine Opel A16XER/Z16XER

A16XER is probably the most common 1.6 liter Opel engine. This motor has been produced since 2005 by the GM plant, which is located in Hungary, the city of Szentgotthard. It is also produced in South Korea, where this motor is called f16d4 and is installed on the sister brand Chevrolet. Unlike its counterpart Z16XER, it complies with the more modern Euro-5 environmental standards. The injector A16XER is actually assembled from 2 other units: the Z16HEP and the cylinder head, which he got from the 1.8 liter Z18XER. The finished engine received a volume of 1.6 liters, and its power was 115 hp. Continue reading Engine Opel A16XER/Z16XER