Engine Mercedes OM502LA

Engine Mercedes OM502LA

The engines of the Mercedes OM 502 family were developed by the German company for installation in their Mercedes Actros trucks. However, later they found wide application in other car models, including those from other manufacturers. These engines are characterized by high power and low fuel consumption. They perfectly cope with their work both in urban conditions and in intercity transportation.

The OM502LA engines are tested and reliable, they are distinguished by high fuel efficiency and meet the Euro-4 and Euro-5 standards. The range includes three 15.9-liter V8s ranging from 375 kW (510 hp) to 440 kW (598 hp).


Manufacturer Mercedes-Benz
Also called OM 502
Start of production 1996
Fuel system direct injection
Configuration V
Number of cylinders 8
Piston stroke, mm 150
Cylinder bore, mm 130
Displacement, cc 15928
Power output, hp 510-598
Torque output, Nm / rpm 2150/1200
Fuel type diesel
Euro standards Euro 4, Euro 5
Weight, kg 1125 (dry)
Dimensions, mm
— length
— width
— height
Engine lifespan, km
— official information
1 000

The OM 502 LA engines are equipped as standard with an outlet gas turbocharger and a charge air cooling system. Optionally, it is possible to equip the engine with a motor brake (throttle valve and throttle valves), as well as a flare device. The engines are equipped with a fully electronic system for regulating the amount of injected fuel and the injection timing via solenoid valves and are distinguished by particularly low outlet gas emissions.

When creating the new generation of OM502LA engines, the designers focused their efforts on three more areas: efficiency, safety and reduction of harmful effects on the environment. The environmental compatibility of the OM 502 LA engines is ensured by the proven and reliable BlueTec system.

General view of OM 502 LA


  1. Fan;
  2. Coolant pump;
  3. Charge air pressure line (with flare device) from the cooler
    charge air;
  4. Charge air pressure line to charge air cooler;
  5. Oil filler pipe;
  6. outlet turbocharger;
  7. Oil separator for bleeding pipe from the crankcase;
  8. outlet pipe (with engine brake throttle);
  9. Oil filter;
  10. Fuel filter;
  11. Starter;
  12. Oil dipstick.


  1. Oil pan;
  2. Engine control (MR) control unit;
  3. Flywheel housing;
  4. outlet manifold;
  5. Fuel pump (with flanged power steering pump);
  6. Air compressor;
  7. Resonator (only in conjunction with air compressor);
  8. START-STOP buttons;
  9. Generator.


  1. Engine oil level sensor;
  2. Crankshaft angle position sensor (on flywheel);
  3. Sensor in. m. of cylinder 1 (on the camshaft drive gear);
  4. Fuel temperature sensor;
  5. Combined boost pressure / charge air temperature sensor;
  6. Coolant temperature sensor;
  7. Engine oil pressure sensor;
  8. Engine oil temperature sensor.

Explanation of marking OM502LA

OM Heavy Fuel Oil (Diesel) ICE
502 Engine type: V-8
L Charge air cooling.
A outlet turbocharger.

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