Engine HR16DE/H4M

The Renault-Nissan HR16DE / H4M engine is a logical continuation of the Renault K4M internal combustion engine. The motor was modernized, mainly the gas distribution mechanism and electronic control were changed. Also, the engine was equipped with a timing chain drive, new camshafts and two fuel injectors per cylinder. Hydraulic lifters were removed from the engine (adjustment by selecting pushers every 100 thousand km). The variable valve timing system is retained on the intake shaft. The engine has become more economical than its predecessor, more powerful and more environmentally friendly.
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Engine VR38DETT

The VR38DETT engine has sports 24 valves with variable valve timing (DOHC). Die-cast aluminum block with 0.15 mm cylinder liner coated to provide a protective layer for the piston rings. Two turbochargers are integrated in the outlet manifolds to reduce weight and improve vehicle balance. The engine also features a thermostatically controlled sports pressure lubrication system.
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