Engine Mitsubishi 4G93

The 4G93 1834cc GDI engine has the following features. First, gasoline is not injected into the intake manifold, but directly into the combustion chamber. Secondly, the air is fed into the cylinder vertically from the top, and not from the side. This improves the filling of the cylinder and makes it easier to control the air flow. Thirdly, on the 4G93 engine, the piston has a truncated bottom with a spherical recess, which sharply directs the air flow in the opposite direction. The orderly air movement improves cylinder filling and fuel mixture formation. Finally, the 4G93 GDI engine uses a high pressure fuel pump and high pressure vortex injectors. Continue reading Engine Mitsubishi 4G93

Engine Mitsubishi 4G63T

The turbocharged 4g63t engine, developed by Mitsubishi Motors, is considered truly iconic by motorists around the world because of the limitless number of modifications, the choice of spare parts, an excellent resource, durability and maintainability. But the main thing is the fantastic possibilities of forcing and tuning the engine, which is used not only by “garage” craftsmen, but also by branded ateliers. The engine was produced in 1987-2007, has a resource exceeding an average of 300 thousand and a tuning potential exceeding 1000 “horses”. Continue reading Engine Mitsubishi 4G63T