Engine Toyota 1TR-FE

The 2.0-liter Toyota 1TR-FE engine has been assembled since 2004 at factories in Japan and Indonesia for pickups and minibuses. At first, the motor was equipped with a phase regulator only at the inlet, and since 2015 there has already been Dual VVT-i. There is a gas version of this unit with the index 1TR-FPE.

The TR family also includes an engine: 2TR‑FE.

The engine was installed on:

  • Toyota HiAce H200 since 2004;
  • Toyota Hilux AN30 2004 in 2004 – 2015; Hilux AN130 since 2015;
  • Toyota Innova AN40 in 2004 – 2015; Innova AN140 since 2015.


Production years since 2004
Displacement, cc 1998
Fuel system MPI
Power output, hp 135 (VVT-i version)
140 (Dual VVT-i version)
Torque output, Nm 182
Cylinder block cast iron R4
Block head aluminum 16v
Cylinder bore, mm 86
Piston stroke, mm 86
Compression ratio 9.6 (VVT-i version)
10.2 (Dual VVT-i version)
Features no
Hydraulic lifters yes
Timing drive chain
Phase regulator VVT-i intake
Dual VVT-i
Turbocharging no
Recommended engine oil 5W-20
Engine oil capacity, liter 5.5
Fuel type petrol
Euro standards EURO 3/4 (VVT-i version)
EURO 4/5 (Dual VVT-i version)
Fuel consumption, L/100 km (for Toyota HiAce 2012)
— city
— highway
— combined
Engine lifespan, km ~400 000
Weight, kg 150 (with attachments)

Disadvantages of the 1TR-FE engine

  • The motor is extremely reliable and rarely breaks if maintained well.
  • Until 2008, there were oil leaks through the front crankshaft oil seal.

7 thoughts on “Engine Toyota 1TR-FE”

  1. Matambudziko tafadzwa

    I have a 1tr engine it switches off the oil light when you start it but after idling for less than a minute the light switches on. What might be the problem.

  2. kennymukonda@gmail.com

    I have 1TR VVTI Engine and am experiencing oil leakages on top cover, consumption of oil is high and fuel consumption.
    The mileage is 324500Km now and still Intact.

    Please, advice

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