Engine Mercedes OM364

Engine Mercedes OM364

The OM364 engine of Mercedes-Benz brand is popular and is known as a simple design, unpretentious and reliable engine, without turbocharging, equipped with a mechanical injection pump. It has been equipped with CLAAS agricultural machines for over 20 years. The motor can be used as a drive for various equipment and superstructures: generators, pneumatic compressors, small excavators, motor pumps, etc.

OM364 has 4 cylinders, and, in depending on the version, it is capable of developing a power from 66 to 100 kW. The motor has 2 valves per cylinder and its displacement is 3972 cm². It is equipped with an OHV mechanism with rods and a gear drive of the lower camshaft and requires frequent adjustment of valve clearances. All injection pumps are endowed with an increased resource and, unlike the radial single-plunger models of competitors, are not so susceptible to substandard fuel. In this case, the pump is included in the general diesel lubrication system. Also available in a turbocharged version – this version of the engines is additionally marked with the letters LA and has maximum power.


Engine’s type diesel
Also called OM 364 A
Production years 04/1986
Power output, kW at rpm 85 at 2600
Power output, hp at rpm 115 at 2600
Displacement, cc 3972
Number of cylinders 4
Valves 8
Torque output, Nm / rpm 1500
Compression 16.5:1
Cylinder bore, mm 97.5
Piston stroke, mm 133
Crankshaft bearings 5
Configuration inline
Fuel type diesel
Fuel system inline injection pump
Turbine turbocharger
Cylinder head OHV
Timing mechanism spur gear
Timing rocker arm
Cooling water

A characteristic feature of the engine is relatively low power with excellent traction and economical fuel consumption. At first, these engines were only produced for trucks. Low-speed mechanisms are simple in design for easy maintenance. Subject to the rules of operation, the engine resource reaches 1 million kilometers.
Engine Mercedes OM364 under the hood
It is possible to install the engine separately or assembled with a gearbox for various wheeled road and off-road vehicles. The Mercedes-Benz engine is ideal for use on cars, trucks, all-wheel drive vehicles and tracked all-terrain vehicles as a drive for vehicles for movement in difficult road conditions.

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