Toyota Tacoma

Toyota Tacoma is a Japanese car in the compact and mid-size pickup class, produced since 1995 in the United States by the Toyota Motor Corporation. Since 2015, the 3rd generation of the model has been released. Until 2004, the car was manufactured in the compact class and was first introduced to the North American market as a replacement for the Hilux model. In the United States, the car was sold under the name Toyota Pickup. Since 2015, the model has been implemented in Canada, USA, Bolivia, Mexico, Chile and New Caledonia. The car is named after the coast near Mount Rainier in Washington state.

Engine Toyota 2GR-FKS

The 3.5-liter V6 Toyota 2GR-FKS engine has been produced by the Japanese concern since 2015 and is installed on such models as Camry, Sienna and Highlander, as well as Lexus RX350, ES350 and IS350. This engine features D-4S combined fuel injection and Atkinson cycle operation.

Engine Toyota 1GR-FE

The 4.0-liter V6 Toyota 1GR-FE engine has been produced in factories in Japan and the USA since 2002 and is installed in many pickups and SUVs, but is best known for the Land Cruiser Prado. There are two generations of this power unit: with VVT-i and Dual VVT-i type phase regulators.

Engine Toyota 2RZ-FE

The 2.4-liter Toyota 2RZ-FE engine was produced from 1995 to 2004 in Japan for pickups only. The classic design of this 4-cylinder longitudinal power unit could not boast of any modern engineering solutions.

Engine Toyota 3RZ-FE

The 2.7-liter Toyota 3RZ-FE engine was produced from 1994 to 2004 in Japan for pickups and SUVs. This is one of the most voluminous 4-cylinder power units in the line, and the engineers had to complicate its design with the presence of 2 balancer shafts in the crankcase.

Engine Toyota 5VZ-FE

5VZ-FE – Toyota gasoline V-shaped 6-cylinder engine with a volume of 3.4 liters. The motor is designed for light buses and SUVs, its feature is a peak torque at medium revs. The motor is compact, economical and well suited for installation in SUVs and light commercial vehicles. Gasoline consumption per 100 km, in urban mode …

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