Engine Renault K7J 710

The Renault Logan 1.4L K7J 710 engine for Sandero is an evolved ExJ engine from the 1980s. The design of the unit can be called strange and outdated due to the use of a timing rocker and an oil pump drive system from 60s single-shaft motors. Continue reading Engine Renault K7J 710

Engine Renault K4M 1.6

Renault Logan K4M 1.6 liter engine. 102 h.p. is not new, and has been modified many times; its variants have been used by the manufacturer Renault since 1999 for Renault Megane, Renault Clio II, Renault Laguna. The engine develops the ideas of the K7M series, with an updated cylinder head, with 16 valves. Continue reading Engine Renault K4M 1.6