Opel Mokka

Opel Mokka is a mini-crossover from the manufacturer Adam Opel AG. Began to be produced in 2012. It has a full and front wheel drive layout. It is sold under the Buick Encore name in the US and China, and the Vauxhall Mokka in the UK. The name of the machine is taken from the Arabian coffee of the same name. Car assembly is carried out in Korea, Spain and Kaliningrad. Unlike classmates, Mokka has a wide range of optional advantages. The car has a minimum aerodynamic drag.

Engine Peugeot EB2DTS

The 1.2-liter Peugeot EB2DTS or HNY turbo engine has been produced by the company since 2014 and is installed on all compact and medium-sized models of the concern under the PureTech 130 indices. There are a number of modifications to this power unit: EB2DTSD, EB2DTSM and EB2ADTS.

Engine Opel A14NET/NEL

1.4-liter Opel A14NET or LUJ engine has been assembled since 2009 at the Wien-Aspern plant and is installed in a number of popular models of the company, such as Astra, Meriva, Mokka and Zafira. Now such units are gradually being replaced by modern Euro 6 engines of the new B-series.

Engine Opel A16XER

The 1.6-liter Opel A16XER or Ecotec LDE engine has been produced by the concern since 2008 and is installed on the most popular models of the company, such as Astra, Zafira, Mokka, Insignia. Now such power units are gradually giving way to Euro 6 engines of the latest B-series.

Engine Opel A18XER

The 1.8-liter Opel A18XER or Ecotec 2H0 engine was assembled from 2008 to 2015 in Hungary and installed on such popular company models as Mokka, Insignia and two generations of Zafira. A-XER motors are considered the most reliable among all the group’s units of their time.

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