Nissan Note

Nissan Note is a Japanese subcompact car from the manufacturer Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. It has been produced since 2004 at factories in the UK and since 2012 (from the 2nd generation) in Japan and Mexico. The car has modifications for both domestic and European markets. In the North American market, the car is sold under the name Versa Note. In early 2017, the manufacturer introduced a hybrid version of the model – Note E-Power, using an electric motor as the main one.

Engine Renault K9K

The 1.5-liter Renault K9K or 1.5 dCi diesel engine has been produced by the concern since 2001 and is installed on a huge number of company models under the Renault, Nissan or Dacia brands. The same motor can be found under the hood of front-wheel drive Mercedes called OM607 and OM608.

Engine Nissan HR16DE

The Nissan HR16DE engine is a logical extension of the Renault K4M engine. The gas distribution mechanism and electronic control were mainly modernized. Also, the engine was equipped with a timing chain drive, new camshafts and two fuel injectors per cylinder. Hydraulic compensators were removed from the engine (adjustment by selection of pushers every 100 …

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Engine Nissan HR15DE

The 1.5-liter Nissan HR15DE engine (or HR15 for short) has been produced since 2004 at a plant in Japan and is installed on many models, the most popular of which are Tiida, Micra and Note. This aluminum power unit is produced in a fairly wide range of capacities.

Engine Nissan HR12DDR

The 1.2-liter Nissan HR12DDR or 1.2 DIG-S engine was assembled in Japan from 2011 to 2020 and installed on charged modifications of such popular models as Micra or Note. This engine operates on the Miller economy cycle and is equipped with an Eaton R410 compressor.

Engine Nissan HR12DE

The 1.2-liter 3-cylinder Nissan HR12DE engine (or HR12 for short) has been produced by the concern since 2010 and is installed on such popular company models as the Micra, Serena, Note and Datsun Go +. This engine is also used as part of the e‑Power sequential hybrid powertrain.

Engine Nissan CR14DE

The 1.4-liter Nissan CR14DE engine (or CR14 for short) was produced from 2002 to 2013 at a Japanese plant and was installed on many models, including the first generation of the Note hatchback. The power units of the CR series have already given way to the HR series engines at this point in time.

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