Engine G4FA

The G4FA motor is part of the Gamma series (Gamma, which appeared in 2007). This series consists of two engines 1.4 and 1.6 liters – G4FA and G4FC, which are based on one cylinder block. This engine uses a timing chain that, according to the manufacturer, does not need to be replaced. This motor is installed on Hyundai Solaris and Kia Rio cars. The engine has a system for changing the gas distribution phases of the intake shaft, there are no hydraulic lifters on it, and therefore the motor needs to adjust the valves and replace the pushers every 100 thousand kilometers.
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Engine G4FC

The G4FC power unit is equipped with a timing belt driven by a chain that does not require maintenance during the entire operation time. In the latest engine modifications (Gamma II family), the CVVT system is installed on both timing shafts. These power units are capable of developing power up to 130 liters. with. You can also find versions of engines with direct fuel injection (GDI) and turbocharged (T-GDI).
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Engine G4GC

The G4GC engine is the older model of the Beta II family and a continuation of the G4GF, which has been produced since 1997, the cylinder block was changed in the engine, the crankshaft was modified (8 counterweights instead of 4), the ShPG and the combustion chamber were changed, another cylinder head gasket and the cylinder head itself, the engine mounts themselves, catalyst, etc. G4GC engines are equipped with a variable valve timing system on the CVVT intake shaft, but are not equipped with hydraulic lifters, the engine requires adjusting the valve clearances every 90 thousand km.
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