Engine F22B / F22C

Engines Honda F22B (F22C) – 4-cylinder gasoline engines with 16 valves. Like all units of the F series, these internal combustion engines turned out to be worthy “workhorses” of the brand for a car with solid dimensions. The F22B has a working volume of 2156 cubic centimeters. Power type – injection. The gas distribution system is carried out according to the SOHC scheme – and, in the case of this unit, without the VTEC innovation from Honda. This configuration has a single camshaft located at the top of the cylinder head.
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Engine Honda F20B

The F20B is a DOHC modification of the F20A with a maximum power of 200 hp. at 7200 rpm., maximum torque 196 Nm at 6600 rpm. The VTEC system was installed on this engine. The throttle diameter is 62.5 mm. This version has been installed on Accord and Torneo since 1997. In addition, there are variations of this motor with a 60.0 mm throttle body and simpler camshafts from the H22A Black Top.
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Engine H22A

The H22 engine belongs to the “H” series of motors produced by Honda Motor in 1991-2001. The family is very reminiscent of the “F” series, but they are definitely more competently designed, differ in power, dynamics and force. It was supposed to install the engine on the top-end Honda cars. Motors quietly “run out” of 250 thousand, almost do not cause problems during operation. True, inexpensive tuning is not provided here: the designers have pulled the maximum out of the possible.
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