Engine B18C / B18B

It was in the engines of this series that the VTEC system was first used. With a 1.8-liter engine, the story was slightly different. Honda decided to experiment with a B-motor without VTEC. This is how the B18B engine appeared, which was of a larger volume (correspondingly with a better start), but absolutely normal when reaching the VTEC zone. Things changed completely when Honda decided to add VTEC to the 1.8-liter engine. The release of the B18C engine marked the emergence of a new generation of motors with “motorcycle” characteristics, when more than 100 hp were “removed” from one liter of volume, and which could “spin” over 9000 rpm.
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Engine Honda B16A B16B

Honda first released the legendary B16 series engine in 1989. It was a B16A engine with two camshafts and Honda’s proprietary valve timing system – VTEC. The engine was installed on the Japanese model Honda Integra. This is the first engine in which Honda has used the proprietary VTEC system. It was from that moment that the DOHC VTEC mark on the engine cover became the hallmark of the uprated engines from Honda.
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