Engine Toyota 1HD

The production of diesels of the 1HD series was launched in 1990, then the engine appeared on the Toyota Coaster bus and the Land Cruiser 80 SUV. The 1HD engine turned out to be not only very reliable and not whimsical, but its power indicators are quite impressive. The simplicity of the design allows you to repair and service the motor yourself.

Toyota 1HD Mods

  • 1HD-T – the basic version, the engine had an 8-valve cylinder head and a CT22 turbine, the boost pressure was 0.48 bar, the power was 165 hp;
  • 1HD-FT – a modification, production of which began in the mid-90s, received a 16-valve cylinder head, a different camshaft. The turbine pressure increased to 0.62 bar, but the engine had to be clamped due to environmental regulations. Power was 170 HP;
  • 1HD-FTE – the latest modification, which received an electronic injection pump, improved cylinder head cooling, a camshaft with a 224/246 phase, a CT20B turbine. Power increased to 202 hp and torque to 400+ Nm;


Manufacturer Toyota Motor Corporation
Also called 1HD
Production years 1989-2007
Displacement, cc 4164
Cylinder block alloy cast iron
Engine’s type diesel
Configuration inline
Number of cylinders 6
Valves per cylinder 2 (1HD-T)
4 (1HD-FTE and 1HD-FT)
Piston stroke, mm 100
Cylinder bore, mm 94
Compression ratio 18.6:1
Power output, hp 164/3400
Torque output, Nm / rpm 380/1400
Euro standards Euro-1
Turbocharger Toyota CT26
Toyota CT20B
Start-stop system no
Fuel consumption, L/100 km (for Land Cruiser 100)
— city
— highway
— combined
Oil consumption, gr/1000 km up to 1000
Recommended engine oil 5W-30
Engine oil capacity, liter 9.5 (1HD-T)
9.7 (1HD-FT)
11.4 (1HD-FTE)
Oil change interval, km 7000-10000
Engine lifespan, km
— official information
— real


Frequent problems

Engine Toyota 1HD

  • Adjustment of valve thermal clearances is required every 40,000 km;
  • The timing belt rarely withstands more than 100,000 km;
  • Quickly clogs EGR valve and intake manifold with coke;
  • There is a problem with the wear of the camshafts, rockers and their axles;
  • The fuel pressure regulator periodically fails;
  • The new electronic injection pump is much more capricious than the mechanical one;

Regardless, 1HD turbocharged diesels are simple, reliable and pose few problems with regular maintenance, quality oil and good fuel. A 1HD resource can easily exceed 700 thousand km.

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