Engine Mercedes OM660

Engine Mercedes OM660

OM 660 is a 3-cylinder in-line engine. Engine power is 45 hp (33 kW) with an engine displacement of 799 cc (0.8 liters). The OM660 engine is equipped with a single overhead camshaft, two valves per cylinder, and an aluminum alloy cylinder block and head. It is turbocharged and has an outlet gas recirculation system.

The Mercedes OM660 was updated in 2007 with improved performance thanks to a new Common Rail fuel system with increased boost pressure, and again in 2011 with further improvements in performance and efficiency.


Also called OM 660.950
Engine’s type diesel
Power output 33 kW / 45 hp
Displacement 799 cc
Number of cylinders 3
Number of valves 6
Manufacturer Smart
Compression ratio 18:1
Cylinder bore 65.5 mm
Piston stroke 79 mm
Main bearings 4
Displacement 14.8 cc
Power Index 56 hp for 1 liter (1000 cc)

OM 660.950 was installed on cars

  • Smart FORTWO Cabrio
  • Smart FORTWO coupe

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