Engine EA111 1.4 TSI TFSI

The turbocharged internal combustion engines of the EA111 model (1.2 TSI, 1.4l. TSI) began to be installed on the cars of the VAG concern back in 2005. These internal combustion engines have a wide range of various modifications, and have replaced 2.0-liter four-cylinder aspirated engines. The very first engine in this lineup was a 1.4l TSI turbocharged internal combustion engine. The main feature of this line of engines is turbo-charging. One part of the internal combustion engine modifications of this line was equipped with a standard “TD02” turbocharger, modifications were more efficiently equipped with a duet – a KKK K03 turbine and an Eaton TVS compressor. The second version is more dynamic, due to this combination of turbocharging, the power of the internal combustion engine is significantly increased, and the minus of turbocharged engines is also excluded – turbo lag.
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