Nissan Rasheen

The Nissan Rasheen is a Japanese 5-seater off-road vehicle manufactured by Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. between 1994 and 2000. Due to the fact that the model is built on the basis of Nissan Sunny, it can also be attributed to a station wagon that demonstrates increased cross-country ability. The model used transmission components from Nissan Pulsar (N14). Literally translated, the name of the car sounds like “compass arrows” and outwardly consonant with the name of Russia in English.

Engine Nissan SR18DE

The Nissan SR18DE engine (or SR18 for short) appeared in 1992 and was an evolution of the SR18Di, with multipoint multipoint fuel injection instead of single injection. It is worth noting that the engines for the Nissan Pulsar and Sunny GTI have a high power (140 hp 6400 rpm) and a Compression ratio of 10 …

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Engine Nissan GA15DE (S/E/DS)

The most common units of the GA series are, of course, 1.5-liter GA15DS and GA15DE. At first it was a carbureted GA15DSB, and in 1994 it was replaced by the GA15DE with multi-point electronic fuel injection. Thanks to electronic injection, the power increased to 105 hp at 6000 rpm, and the torque reached 135 N*m …

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