EA828 or audi R5 engines

The Audi EA828 family of 5-cylinder engines was produced by the company from 1977 to 1997 and was installed on almost all mass medium-sized models of the German concern. After the end of production, this line was reborn into the popular EA855 series motors in the USA.

First 1.9 and 2.1 liter engines

In 1976, Audi engineers introduced the second generation of the model under the index 100 and a family of 5-cylinder units, developed on the basis of EA827 4-cylinder engines. These engines would later form the basis for the famous five-cylinder diesel series.

The first line consisted of three engines of 1.9 and 2.1 liters, they were distinguished only by the piston stroke:

  • WH (10v / Keihin 28-32, 100 hp / 132 Nm);
  • WB (10v / Zenith 2B3, 115 hp / 166 Nm);
  • WC (10v / K-Jetronic, 136 hp / 185 Nm).

These engines had a fairly progressive design for their time: the aluminum SOHC cylinder head was on top of the cylinder block, and the camshaft was rotated by a belt. Their main difference from the 4-cylinder counterparts was the absence of an intermediate shaft.

Engines EA828 2.0 and 2.2 liters

In 1984, updated 2.0 and 2.2 liter engines debuted on the third generation of the Audi 100. It was possible to increase the working volume of the motor by increasing the piston diameter from 79.5 to 81 mm.

We summarized the characteristics of the most popular power units in a table:

  • SL (10v / K-Jetronic, 113 hp / 165 Nm);
  • KP (10v / K-Jetronic, 115 hp / 170 Nm);
  • RT (10v / KE-Jetronic, 115 hp / 172 Nm);
  • KZ (10v / KE-Jetronic, 115 hp / 165 Nm);
  • PX (10v / K-Jetronic, 120 hp / 172 Nm);
  • KU (10v / K-Jetronic, 138 hp / 188 Nm);
  • HX (10v / K-Jetronic, 138 hp / 188 Nm).

Engines EA828 2.3 liters

Already in 1986, the diameter of the pistons in the engine was again increased, this time from 81.0 to 82.5 mm. The resulting line of units became the most popular in the series and was produced until 1997.

Four motors are widely used, the characteristics of which we have summarized in a table:

  • NF (10v / KE-III-Jetronic, 136 hp / 190 Nm);
  • NG (10v / KE-III-Jetronic, 133 hp / 182 Nm);
  • AAR (10v / KE-III-Jetronic, 133 hp / 186 Nm);
  • 7A (20V / Hitachi, 170 hp / 220 Nm).

The most powerful of them, an engine with a cylinder head for 20 valves, was installed on all-wheel drive Audi 90.

EA828 series turbo engines

The sports department of the company immediately wanted to equip these engines with a turbocharger. The Audi Quattro with such an engine achieved particular success; in the 80s it had no equal in rallying.

These turbo engines are also found on civilian cars, we have summarized the most popular ones in a table:

  • MC (10v / K-Jetronic, 165 hp / 240 Nm);
  • AAN (20V / Motronic, 230 hp / 350 Nm).

15 years after the end of the EA828, five-cylinder engines returned in the form of the EA855 series, which was very popular in North and South America, as well as in the Middle East.

Engine Audi RT

The 2.0-liter 5-cylinder Audi 2.0 RT engine was assembled by the concern from 1988 to 1990 and was installed on some modifications of the popular 100 C3 model in the 44th body. This engine at one time could be equipped with both the K-Jetronic and KE-Jetronic injection systems.

Engine Audi KU

The 2.2-liter Audi 2.2 KU gasoline engine was produced by the concern from 1984 to 1990 and was installed on the popular 100 C3 model in the 44th body. This motor was equipped with a rather difficult to maintain K-Jetronic mechanical injection.

Engine Audi NF

The 2.3-liter Audi 2.3 NF engine was assembled at the concern’s enterprises from 1986 to 1990 and was installed only on the third generation of a very popular model with an index of 100. After not the biggest upgrade in 1990, this power unit became known as AAR.

Engine Audi NG

The 2.3-liter Audi 2.3 NG gasoline engine was produced by the concern from 1987 to 1994 and was installed on the third and fourth generations of popular models under the indices 80 and 90. Around 1991, the engine was significantly updated, some even write about two generations.

Engine Audi AAR

The 2.3-liter Audi AAR engine was assembled at the factories of the German concern from 1990 to 1996 and was installed on the model under the index 100 in C3 – C4 bodies and the very first generation A6.

Engine Audi AAN

The 2.2-liter Audi AAN 2.2 turbo gasoline engine was assembled at the factory from 1991 to 1997 and was installed only on sports modifications of the 100 model under the names S4 or S6. This power unit was put on the Audi S2 car under a completely different ABY index.

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