Nissan R’nessa

The Nissan R’nessa is a Japanese station wagon from the manufacturer Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. Produced from 1997 to 2001. The car was manufactured for the domestic market and in terms of technical characteristics – dimensions and transportation capabilities – actually belonged more to a minivan. The name of the car comes from a combination of words such as “renaissance, rest, comfortable travel.” There was also an export version of the car with an electric motor, designated as the Nissan Altra.

Engine Nissan SR20DET

The 2.0-liter Nissan SR20DET engine was produced from 1989 to 2001 and was installed both in the concern’s sports cars and in charged versions of civilian models. Modifications of this motor are distinguished by different colors of its valve cover: Red, Silver or Black.

Engine Nissan KA24DE

In 1988, the KA24 gasoline power units replaced the Z24 series. It is already problematic to buy the very first modifications of the KA24E internal combustion engine in our time, since their production was discontinued in 1991 due to modernization. Better known now is the 2.4-liter Nissan KA24DE engine, which was produced from 1993 to …

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