Nissan Livina/Geniss

Nissan Livina / Geniss is a Japanese compact van from the manufacturer Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. Start of production – 2006. Since 2013, the 2nd generation of the machine has been manufactured. The car is assembled or assembled in Brazil, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan. The name Livina is used for a shortened 5-seater version of the model. The Indonesian 7-seater is called the Grand Livina, and in the Chinese market, the Livina Geniss. The sports version of the Livina X-Gear looks like a crossover.

Engine Nissan MR18DE

The 1.8-liter Nissan MR18DE engine (or MR18 for short) has been produced by the company since 2004 and is still installed on many compact and mid-size models of the Japanese concern. Best known for the popular Tiida hatchback.

Engine Nissan HR16DE

The Nissan HR16DE engine is a logical extension of the Renault K4M engine. The gas distribution mechanism and electronic control were mainly modernized. Also, the engine was equipped with a timing chain drive, new camshafts and two fuel injectors per cylinder. Hydraulic compensators were removed from the engine (adjustment by selection of pushers every 100 …

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