Engine Mini W16D16

The 1.6-liter 16-valve Mini Cooper D W16D16 engine was produced from 2007 to 2011 and was installed on the three-door Hatch in the back of the R56, as well as the Clubman station wagon in the back of the R55. From 2009 to 2013, a 90-horsepower version of this diesel engine was installed on the Mini One D model. These diesels belong to the extensive PSA 1.6 HDi range.

MINI diesel engines: W17D14, W16D16, N47C16A, N47C20A, B37C15A, B47C20A.


Production years 2007-2011
Displacement, cc 1560
Fuel system Common Rail
Power output, hp 109
Torque output, Nm 240
Cylinder block aluminum R4
Block head aluminum 16v
Cylinder bore, mm 75
Piston stroke, mm 88.3
Compression ratio 18.0
Features DOHC, intercooler
Hydraulic lifters yes
Timing drive chain & belt
Phase regulator no
Turbocharging Garrett GT1544V
Recommended engine oil 5W-30
Engine oil capacity, liter 3.8
Fuel type diesel
Euro standards EURO 4
Fuel consumption, L/100 km (for Mini Cooper D 2009)
— city
— highway
— combined
Engine lifespan, km ~290 000

The engine was installed on:

  • Mini Clubman R55 in 2007 – 2010;
  • Mini Hatch R56 in 2007 – 2011.

Disadvantages of the Mini W16D16 engine

  • The first years of production in these diesel engines quickly wore out the camshaft cams;
  • Timing phases also often go astray due to stretching of the chain between the camshafts;
  • A clogged coarse oil filter greatly reduces the life of the turbine;
  • The cause of carbon formation is the burnout of refractory washers under the nozzles;
  • The remaining problems are associated with contamination of the particulate filter and the EGR valve.

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