Mitsubishi Starion

Mitsubishi Starion is a two-door sports hatchback from Mitsubishi Motors. Manufactured from 1982 to 1989. It is the first Japanese car with a turbocharger and fuel system with electronic injectors. The car immediately gained great popularity in the US market. The name Starion is derived from the combination of the words of the phrase “Stars of Orion”. In the UK, the car was sold under the name Colt Starion. In 1987-88. the car was also manufactured in an all-wheel drive configuration.

Engine Mitsubishi 4G54

The 2.6-liter Mitsubishi 4G54 or G54B gasoline engine was produced from 1978 to 1992 and was installed on the Pajero SUV, L200 pickup truck and a number of Chrysler cars. After the end of production in Japan, the motor was assembled by Chinese companies for quite some time.

Engine Mitsubishi 4G63

The 4G63 engine is one of the most popular four-cylinder in-line engines, which was designed by the specialists of the Japanese company Mitsubishi. This power unit has about a dozen different modifications that have been installed on many Mitsubishi models.

Engine Mitsubishi 4G64

2.4-liter Mitsubishi 4G64 (or G64B) gasoline engine has been in production since 1985. It is installed not only on a number of models of the Japanese concern, but also on cars from other manufacturers. This power unit was used for some time by Hyundai under the name G4JS.

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