Engine Toyota 1UZ under the hood

Engine Toyota 1UZ

The basic version of the UZ series engine debuted in August 1989 on the Toyota Crown S130 series, and in October 1989 on the Lexus LS (Toyota Celsior) of the first series (UCF10). It soon appeared on a number of other Toyota and Lexus models. By itself, 1UZ is extremely reliable and is often called a millionaire among the people. This engine is capable of traveling 500 thousand km or more.


Manufacturer Tahara plant
Also called 1UZ
Production years 1989-2002
Cylinder block alloy aluminum
Fuel system injector
Configuration V
Number of cylinders 8
Valves per cylinder 4
Piston stroke, mm 82.5
Cylinder bore, mm 87.5
Compression ratio 10
10.5 (VVTi)
Displacement, cc 3969
Power output, hp 256/5400
290/5900 (VVTi)
300/6000 (VVTi)
Torque output, Nm / rpm 353/4400
407/4100 (VVTi)
420/4000 (VVTi)
Fuel type 95
Euro standards
Weight, kg ~165
Fuel consumption, L/100 km
— city
— highway
— combined
Oil consumption, gr/1000 km up to 1000
Recommended engine oil 5W-30 / 5W-40 / 10W-30 / 10W-40 / 10W-50 / 15W-50
Engine oil capacity, liter 5.0
Oil change interval, km 7000-10000
Normal engine operating temperature, °C
Engine lifespan, km
— official information
— real


Frequent problems

The 1UZ power unit is sufficiently resistant to even very minor flaws during the entire warranty period. It practically does not have significant design flaws, structural flaws in general and for individual units. Therefore, if malfunctions make themselves felt, then they all have a characteristic age tint, which manifests itself upon reaching a high mileage. Also, malfunctions can manifest themselves in the absence of technical inspection, the use of low-quality fuels and lubricants and extreme operation.
Engine Toyota 1UZ
Often on the motor, candles become unusable. In this case, the main reason is poor gasoline. Replacing them yourself is very difficult. The FE-modification of the motor is so reliable that it has long been nicknamed “millionaire” among the mass of consumers. In any case, with proper maintenance and high-quality fuels and lubricants, the motor is capable of safely departing five hundred or more thousand kilometers.

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