Engine Hyundai D6BR

The Hyundai D6BR is a six-cylinder in-line diesel engine manufactured by the Hyundai Motor Company. Turbocharging is available in almost all D6BR engine variants, with the exception of some models used on short trucks and small buses. Continue reading Engine Hyundai D6BR

Engine Hyundai D6CC

The Hyundai D6CC engine is an in-line 6-cylinder diesel engine with a volume of 12,300 cm3 and a power of 410 hp, there are modifications of the ecological class up to Euro-4. Fits on HD500 truck tractors and new Xcient (QZ) trucks. Continue reading Engine Hyundai D6CC

Engine Hyundai D4AF

D4AF is an inline 4-cylinder engine with water-cooled and direct injection of diesel fuel with a displacement of 3.6 liters, which was installed on the Hyundai HD 65, HD 72, HD 78 trucks, designed for the transport of medium-tonnage loads (3.5 – 5 t ). The engine develops power up to 100 horsepower at 3400 rpm. Continue reading Engine Hyundai D4AF

Engine Hyundai D4AL

Hyundai D4AL engines are widely known for their reliability, optimal quality and price ratio. They differ in environmental friendliness of exhaust, economical consumption of fuel and lubricants. The fuel is almost completely burned in their working chamber, instant start is possible thanks to the electronic starter. Continue reading Engine Hyundai D4AL

Engine Hyundai D8AB

The Hyundai D8AB engine is a powerful diesel engine with 8 cylinders arranged in a V-shape. The working volume of the D8AB is 17.7 liters. The engine complies with Euro 2. Designed for trucks, manipulators, buses and other Hyundai special equipment. Continue reading Engine Hyundai D8AB

Engine Hyundai D6AV

The Hyundai D6AV engine is one of the world’s most sought-after engines for trucks and buses. It provides a high degree of efficiency, relatively low fuel consumption and meets the high standards of the world ecology. Continue reading Engine Hyundai D6AV