Engine BMW M62B46

The BMW M62 engine was released to replace the M60 and was produced from 2001 to 2003. The design is an 8-cylinder piston engine. The gas distribution mechanism in the M62B46 versions is equipped with the VANOS variable valve timing system. The pistons are cut out to the ring area. Sintered rods are highly durable and lightweight. The peculiarity of manufacturing allows you to accurately center the connecting rod body with the bottom cover. Continue reading Engine BMW M62B46

Engine BMW M62B48

The M62 engine block is aluminum and has an alum or nikasil coating on the cylinder liners, depending on the country where the car was sold. Technically, this engine is similar to the M62TUB44, but equipped with the Double VANOS system. The engine was developed by Alpina based on the M62B46. The M62B48 has a displacement of 4.8 L (4837 cc). Cylinder bore 93 mm (3,66 inch), piston stroke 89 mm (3,5 inch). Continue reading Engine BMW M62B48